5 steps to find life purpose

5 steps to find life purpose 

…..and live as your authentic self

How exactly do we become lost or disconnected from ourselves to the point where we feel completely stuck and uninspired in life.

I hear this time and time again especially from women heading into the middle part of life. They just feel like they have no purpose and no joy in their life. 

I believe a big part of this is we spend so much time, sometimes years taking care of other people, putting everyone else first at the cost of our happiness and health. 

Most of this is expected of us from our family, significant others, and also society in general. Women are expected to be the perfect Mom, wife, friend, employee, and business owner. We are also expected to do this while looking and acting a certain way. 

The good news is that we are free to do what we want. We don’t have to do any of these things. It’s a choice we make and it’s all about setting healthy and strong...

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