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Choosing You - Creating Rituals That Support Your Energy

I absolutely love this topic. I love chipping away at all these little ways I can support my energy and take care of myself at the highest level.

I’m also a big fan of baby steps.

This week I wanted to share with you some things I do on a regular basis to be really intentional about what I choose to expose my energy to.

I want to point out that this is a choice, some might not agree but with a little awareness and some strong boundaries, you get to create the environment you live in. 

All of it, is how you work, who you spend time with, and what media you expose yourself to. These are all choices we make every day. Sometimes not consciously. 

So starting now is the best time to start to bring awareness to your energy enhancers and suckers and adjust accordingly. The best part is you can break it down into all these baby steps and today I’m going to share a few that I love to work on.

Media is one thing that takes a huge toll on me and a lot of my clients and every once and a while I do a detox. I don’t mean completely get off of social media although you can if you want. I mean,  I go through all of it and I tune into what serves me and let go of what doesn’t. I create the environment I want to be in.

Let’s get started


  1. Social Media - Go through all the channels where you spend time, Look at the people that show up on your timeline, and ask a few questions. Do they inspire you, help you grow, build you up, and improve your mood? OR do they make you feel like crap, you're comparing yourself to them, they give you FOMO, or just bring your vibe down? Now they might be a wonderful person, even a friend, but if it doesn’t serve you right at this time just unfollow them. I’m sure they’ll be there if you change your mind. This is about putting your well being first so you can then put your best self into the world. You are not required to put yourself in a crappy position that will suck your energy just to make someone else more comfortable. Also, you could just unfollow, no harm. Just cleaning up your feed. I learned the power of doing this many years after my divorce. I was still friends with a lot of his family on social media and they were not being kind to my kids. So I unfriended all of them and I cannot tell you the release I felt and I couldn’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. So don’t wait, you will feel better. Don’t forget to go through groups also. Only stay in the ones you truly spend time in.
  2. Your Email - This one can magical. I don’t know about you but I just love signing up for all these inspiring lists. At the time it might have been perfect for me. Their content was spot on and it really served me. But we change, we grow, and we learn, and then we sometimes need to move on. Take a look at your emails over the next few weeks and anything that doesn’t light you up and really help you grow during this period of your life, unsubscribe. You can always sign up at another time if needed. This is about decluttering your emails to the point where you don’t get as many and the ones you do get, you really want to read!
  3. TV & Movies - What we watch on TV and at the movies really affects our energy. Did you know your brain can’t tell the difference between a movie or a real-time experience you're having? Meaning, if all you watch is the news all day you will most likely be living in fight or flight mode, not good. I became ultra-sensitive to this when my anxiety was super high. I noticed how much more anxious I got watching a pretend show about something scary. This is when I realized the profound effect this has on us and most of us don’t even realize it. I now focus on things that are educational, funny, feel good, and only sometimes a good scary or intense movie. You have to do you though. See how the things you consume make you feel as a whole and adjust accordingly. Because of the fear value, all the news stations are always trying to promote I do believe the world would be a better place if NO ONE watched the news. I 100% believe this with all of my heart.
  4. Music - This is very similar to TV and Movies. But can be worse in a way. After all, we speak things into existence so when we jamming out and singing those words I figure they should be super uplifting and inspiring. Being that there is a large supply of inspiring music, this isn’t hard to do. I mean, you don’t want to sing over and over again about how you're never going to love again, or I’ll never find another love like this. You want to be more like, I’m unstoppable, I’m a Porsche with no brakes, that's more like it!


These are just a few ways you can choose yourself and protect your energy on a daily basis. Set yourself up for a high vibe because when we’re high vibe, that's what gets reflected back at us in our lives!

Let me know when you implement one or all of these deep-level self-care practices and how much better you feel. I would love to hear from you. The best place to reach out is on Instagram @tinastinsoncoach.

Until then, be sure to add deep-level self-care into your life every day.

Xo, T



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