Tina Stinson, Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Healthy Balanced Living.

Work out  Equipment and mat for your HBL  total body challenge
Detoxifying green smoothie for your detox your life program.
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Breakthrough to Better Health Program!

During this Breakthrough to Better Health Six Step Program we'll focus on one transformational strategy each week. This Health Coaching program can be one on one or in a  group setting. I will have scheduled groups or you are welcome to create your own.  It can be more effective to do it together!

We will cover six different topics:

Food and Nutrition - adding in quality to crowd out the bad helping detox your body and lose unwanted pounds.

Food and Nutrition - reading labels and learning what is hiding in your food.

Relationships - Creating positive connections and removing and coping with toxic ones.

Home Environment - Creating comfort and removing clutter.

Stress - How to cope with and eliminate it.

Self-Care - Creating healthy boundaries and learning to take care of yourself including movement and exercise.

There will be a total of eight one on one, or phone/skype Breakthrough Health Coaching Sessions with support in between just an email away. You will have access to a private online community for additional support from myself and other likeminded individuals. Also you will have receive healthy recipes and receive a surprise free gift at your first session!! Get started now!


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