My Self-Care Gift-Giving Guide and Other Favorite Stuff

These are all the things I love that I use in my life, in my business, and how I got where I am today!

I hope you love them too!

What I use for all of my business needs

I mean everything! My website, email, online programs, blog, podcast, and memberships. Kajabi does it all.

It's super easy to use and the customer service is top-notch. I use the chat option.

There are an endless amount of educational tutorials teaching you how to use all the features and they are always adding new features.

I've been using Kajabi for years and I love it. I love having everything in one place for one price and not having to use a million different services to do everything that Kajabi does. Not to mention only having to learn one platform and have one password. LOL. Am I right though?

If you want to check out all the great features and see if it will work for your business, you can get a 30-day free trial with the button below.

Xo, T

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This is where I started

It's 2015 and I'm trying to figure out all the best ways to care for myself after a stroke that I had I want to help others not just get and stay healthy but also avoid what happened to me. I wanted to become a health coach and IIN is where I started. 

After my stroke, I realized it wasn't just about taking care of yourself in 1 or 2 areas of your life like nutrition and fitness but it was important to look at all the areas of your life and to return those areas to some form of balance.

That's why I love IIN. They take a holistic approach to everything and you will learn how to keep all the areas of your life healthy and thriving and how to support others in doing the same.

IIN is not just for starting a thriving health coaching business but also to learn how to help yourself heal holistically. 

Use the link below to try out a sample class, that's how I got started and I loved it so much. 

Xo, T

Get your sample class here!

My next step..

In 2019 after I got my certification in culinary nutrition I thought it would be helpful to my clients and my coaching practice o become a professional life coach. 

I wanted to be able to help my clients with all the challenges they were facing and I'm always looking to be of greater service to my clients. 

Transformation Academy was perfect. I love how they have so many different niche certifications so I can learn exactly what I'm looking for on a very specific topic. 

I've gone on to get many more certifications from them that have helped not just me grow as a person but also as a coach. 

I love their teaching style and how they bring in specialists in different fields to teach on different certifications.

I always feel like I'm getting the best education on the subject matter. 

I think their best offer is the monthly membership where you get access to everything. I mean it's like being a kid in a candy store of massive education. 

with my link below, you can get 80% off. Amazing offer right now! 

If you've been thinking about the idea of getting any coaching certifications then definitely go check this out now.

Xo, T

P.S. You'll see the link in the cart:)

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Something you might not know about me.

I am a creator of the Aura APP. I absolutely love doing it. I create meditations, affirmation recordings, and health and life coaching recordings. I also do some coaching there. 

I've been doing it for a little over a year and I love the people I meet and all the other amazing healers I get to work with on Aura. 

It's absolutely amazing and you have to check it out.

Aura has 1000s of meditations, stories, and nature sounds from wellness experts to help you fall asleep, reduce stress, and improve focus in just 3 minutes. I think you'll like it, it's an amazing resource to help you on your healing journey.

With my link below, you can get a free 30-day trial. There is only one catch, you have to follow me once you're on

Xo, T


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Hmmm, another thing you might now know about me..

I am a self-development book nerd. I read A LOT. 

I'm always reading around 10 books at a time. As my daily mood changes, so does the book I'm reading. Yes, I finish them all!

I read about a book a week and they are mostly self-development books and that's why I started the Soul Aligned Self Care Patreon Book Club. 

I wanted to not just share these books I love with others but also read all the best parts to you. 

What is really cool is when you join me in the book club, you'll have access to all the other recordings of all the other books we've read. About 8 so far! So there are so many options as to what books you can start with. Every month I let all the members pick the book for the next month. So much fun!

You can comment and be social or you can just keep to yourself, it's up to you. 

How many of us buy a book but never read it or finish it? Well here is your solution. 

Come hang out with me, your fellow self-development book nerd and we can read and support each other.

There are 3 different levels with different cool things I offer for each level.

Check it out with the button below. Free Trial Period Available!

Xo, T

Join The Book Club

One last thing....

I have an affiliate relationship with some of the companies on this page. Meaning, when you use my link, you don't just get a discount or special offer, but I get paid by the company for recommending them. I want you to know I only do this because I 1000% love these products and would and have recommended them without getting paid. But, a girls gotta eat:) I hope you get as much value and enjoyment out of these things as I do.

Also, I'm here for you to answer ANY questions you have about any of these resources ([email protected]), and keep your eye out for new ones to come!

Lots of love and care, T