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The Soul Aligned Self Care Intensive

Reset The Mind Body & Soul

Connect with your authentic self, learn to dream big, and have massive success in your personal & professional life w/o the burnout.

11 lessons Helping you learn how to master a deep level of soul-aligned self-care

Reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout, and start living into your amazing potential with passion & purpose!

Learn to master your mindset, and health, and start applying deep-level self-care practices every day!

Powerful videos covering each lesson for all the deep-level self-care strategies, action steps, journaling prompts, and aligned affirmations.

Also, as a bonus, EFT Tapping video & Meditation downloads.

You will have instant access to all the lessons and you can go at your own pace. You receive lifetime access to the program and all the upgrades and additions!

We have just added a private FB group for live monthly coaching calls and  Q & A's.  

Available for purchase now, get instant access to the prework & the SASC Intensive Online.

So excited for you to join me.

Give yourself the gift of self-love, self-care, and badassery without the burnout & start this life-changing process of being Aligned & Worthy.

Xo, T


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Private Coaching

Learn more about working privately with Tina

Soul Aligned Self Care Private

🌟 Transform from Overwhelm into Success: Your Path to Sustainable Well-being 🌟

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and struggling to find balance in your life? Welcome to a transformative journey designed to help you reclaim control, rediscover joy, and thrive without compromising your well-being.

What is this about?

Guiding individuals towards a life where they thrive by addressing the root causes of overwhelm and burnout. My proven 3-step reset strategy, coupled with 11 profound deep-level self-care practices, is meticulously designed to unlock your potential without sacrificing your peace of mind.

The Deep Dive into Self-Care:

🌿 Mindset Shifts: Master your thoughts and beliefs for sustained positivity and resilience.

🌿 Boundary Setting: Learn to prioritize your needs without guilt or hesitation.

🌿 Emotional Management: Navigate stress and emotions with grace and confidence.

🌿 Trust & Intuition: Strengthen your inner guidance system for empowered decision-making.

🌿 Body & Soul Care: Nurture your physical and spiritual well-being holistically.

🌿 Decluttering: Clear mental, physical space, and your processes, for clarity, flow, and focus.

🌿 Forgiveness & Healing: Release burdens and embrace self-compassion to create space for the new and good things in your life.

Your Journey:

  • Creating Time: Streamline your life by decluttering and reducing friction in every aspect.
  • Bi-Weekly Calls: Tailored sessions every two weeks for deep implementation of strategies.
  • Voxer Support: Access direct guidance and support when you need it.
  • Weekly Check-ins: Stay on track with consistent motivation and accountability.

Surface vs. Deep-Level Self-Care:

I believe in the power of both forms of self-care. While surface-level self-care offers temporary relief, it’s the deep-level practices that truly transform your life, especially during times of stress, anxiety, and burnout.

The Transformation Awaits:

By committing to this journey, you'll experience a profound transformation:

🕒 More Time: Streamlining your life leads to reclaimed hours and a newfound sense of control over your schedule.

🧘‍♂️ Reduced Stress & Anxiety: Embrace a life free from constant worry and overwhelm, cultivating inner peace.

🌱 Enhanced Health & Energy: Invest in your well-being and witness a revitalized sense of vitality and health.

👫 Improved Relationships: Establish healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, and foster deeper connections.

😊 Happiness & Fulfillment: Rediscover joy in everyday moments, finding contentment and purpose.

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Self-Care Balance Alignment Session

Doing the Self-Care Alignment Session 

Is like your creating a clear GPS setting for your life's purpose

  • You know what's important to you and what you stand for.
  • You have a clear destination for your dreams, desires, and goals.
  • Know your starting point and know the direction of your destination to have greater success getting there and enjoying the journey along the way!

This is a great introduction to working with me on a private basis.

Xo, T

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Epic Year Vision Planning Session

Are you the type of person to have a plan all drawn up for the next year or do you just like to wing it?

I'm definitely a planner!

It's a well-known fact that when you have a plan, a vision, or a map, you're more likely to get where you want to go, so I figure I just want to improve my odds.
That's why every year I create a vision plan. I call this The Epic Year Vision Plan (Done any time of the year.)
You will come away from this session with a personalized plan with the action steps to take for all of your goals.
Learn the details below.
Learn The Details Here


Writing Your Core Values Masterclass

In this 3 part Masterclass you'll learn what your Core Values are and their benefits, how to write them to support your true authentic self, and how to use them effectively to transform the way you value and use your time. 

When you support yourself at this high level it always pays you back tenfold. Get instant access to the Masterclass here. 

This Masterclass is at the 75% of introductory price right now so be sure to grab it now!

Xo, T

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Inspire, Plan Your Epic Year Masterclass

Igniting Your Vision For The Year To Come!

 What would happen if you decided that you were going to re-ignite your soul, set some big audacious goals & dreams, and you were going to keep going until you you were living those dreams?

You started by getting laser-focused about what you were going to move towards in your life.

You learned how to handle all the self-doubt & negative self-talk that pops up, so it doesn’t stop you.

What if THIS time, you just had a solid belief in YOURSELF and knew that the universe had your back?

You start to take the steps, and you keep MOVING FORWARD. WHEN YOU SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, life becomes magical! YOU TRANSFORM.

So from this point forward, promise yourself, THIS WILL BE YOUR TIME.

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New Masterclass: 5 Powerful Shifts To Get Your Power Back

Are you feeling stuck, powerless, or overwhelmed in your life?

Do you find yourself constantly giving your power away to others, situations, or circumstances?

If so, it's time to take control of your life and make the necessary shifts to reclaim your power. In this masterclass, you'll learn five transformative shifts that will help you break free from limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and step into your full potential.

Whether you're looking to reignite your career, improve your relationships, or simply gain more confidence in yourself, these powerful shifts will help you create lasting change and live your best life.

Join us as we dive deep into the inner workings of personal power and discover how to unlock your true potential.

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Time Expansion Masterclass

Need More Time?

Join me in this 3-day Masterclass helping you create more space and time while reducing stress, anxiety, & burnout in your personal and professional life!

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Free Workshops

Do a binge on some FREE  but valuable content from Tina Stinson Wellness!


The Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast

Welcome to the Soul Aligned Self-Care Podcast, I’m your host,
Tina Stinson, and inside the podcast we will talk all about deep-level self-care practices to help you have success in both your personal and professional life by reducing stress, anxiety, & overwhelm and creating a strong loving connection with yourself! I’ll see you on the inside!

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Free: 3 Mindset Shifts To Help You Get Unstuck In Life...For Good

In this 3-part audio masterclass, I'll dive deep into three mindset shifts needed to get unstuck in your life and start to move forward for good. 

These are the 3 mindset shifts that are the stepping stones needed to start to add deep-level self-care into your daily life to create calm and avoid burnout and overwhelm for good!

I believe these shifts are a starting point to help get you unstuck in your life and create the forward movement and momentum needed to keep moving forward. These shifts are needed to start your self-care journey to wellness, happiness, and freedom.

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