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Soul Aligned Self Care

Soul Aligned Self Care


Welcome to the Soul Aligned Self-Care Podcast, I’m your host, Tina Stinson, and inside the podcast we will talk all about deep-level self-care practices to help you have success in both your personal and...

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008 Reduce Stress & Create More Time With Decluttering

Hello All! Now I know when I say decluttering your first thought might be cleaning out all the closets, getting rid of old clothes, and cleaning out that all so famous junk drawer. And yes, this is decluttering and it...
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007 - Get Unstuck and Live With Purpose

We all have those times in our lives when we feel stuck, stagnant, and uninspired.  You could feel a bit lost and not know how to move forward. All you do know for sure is you don’t want to stay where you’re at right...
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006 - 10 Ways To Treat Yourself At A High Level

Welcome Back! In This Episode of the Soul Aligned Self-Care Podcast, we are talking about some of the ways we can really start to not only take care of ourselves at a high level but also treat ourselves and have some...
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005 5 Ways To Set Boundaries To Live Happier

Setting boundaries might sound a bit confrontational or limiting. But Actually, it can be very expansive and kind. it’s also what I think is one of the most important forms of self-care/self-love and can help you...
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004 How To Stop Judging Yourself & Start Loving Yourself

Something I come across quite often when working with people and with myself is how can we all just stop being so hard on ourselves? How can we stop judging ourselves? Well, the first step is to just be aware. While...
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003 6 Self-Care Practices To Raise Your Vibration

Every single thing in the world has a certain vibration and to put it super simple, some things are high vibe, and some are low vibe, and then there are a bunch of different vibrations in between. So why should we...
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002 Finding Your Own Personal Destressors

I'm sure that you've heard of all the different ways to help destress yourself. Meditation, journaling, EFT tapping, movement, yoga, and so many more. Different things work for different people when you're...
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001 How These Deep-Level Self-Care Practices Saved My Life

Episode 001 “How  these deep-level self-care practices saved my Life”  Hello, my name is Tina Stinson and I'm your host on the first Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast A little bit about myself, I'm a certified Holistic...
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