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Why Gratitude Can Change Your Whole Day & Your Life

gratitude Nov 30, 2022

I’m going to start off this post by saying I have mixed feelings about this time of the year. “The Holiday Season”

Before my mom passed it was always great because she made it great. She was so over the top with every holiday. She just made it so fun.

I tried to continue this after she was gone but It seemed I was the only one who wanted to do this. Except for my kids, I think they just love it.

It was really hard for me to do this by myself as a single parent. But I carried over many of her traditions and added some of my own.

After the past two years, there was this weird feeling that I had and my kids also. It all felt so materialistic and unauthentic. 

So, my question that I am still working on is how can I make my holiday and my kid's holiday special again all while having it feel aligned with our beliefs and our families values.

So we kinda don’t celebrate. At least there are no expectations. We always get together and have fun. 

This is one...

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4 Coaches & Healers Share Their Top Self-Care Practices (Part 2)

I wanted to start a new series on the Soul Aligned Self Care News that shares other coaches' and healers' views of how they use self-care in their lives or with their clients.


I think it’s important to have different points of view from different types of coaches.


My goal is to have coaches and healers who work differently than I do in order for you to have the most beneficial and expansive experience when you spend time in the SASC Community.


This is our second Group Post!


This week we are joined by 3 other amazing coaches, 4including myself. 


I hope you find this helpful to you in your life.


Let’s get into it!


Tina Stinson


When I teach and use self-care practices in my life I always refer to it as Deep-Level Self-Care.

The reason I do this is that for me it's not only about some of the more surface-level practices like a hot bubble bath or getting my nails done with friends. Also very important.


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Try This One Thing To Feel Better Now!


I think daily Deep-Level Self-Care is so important.  

If you're just getting started this one thing is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety very quickly.

Practice this one Soul Aligned Deep Level Self-Care practice that’s easy to implement, is free, fun, and is effective right in the moment.

 Don’t want to read about it? Watch the video HERE.

 This just works instantly. 

Why does it work?

Because it’s impossible to feel bad while you’re doing it!

What is it?

Gratitude. Now don’t stop reading here and say, “I know, I know.”

What I want you to consider is starting a gratitude practice this week, today, especially if you feel a little bit stressed or triggered during the holidays.

 Having a gratitude practice will automatically:

  • Raise your vibe. Remember what you focus on expands. The more you focus on these feelings, the better you will feel.
  • Help you see more to be grateful for, it’s...
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