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5 Actions That Get You Unstuck

5 Actions You Can Take To Get Unstuck

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Every one of us has those points of transition in our lives. Sometimes We move through them with no problem, it’s not usually enjoyable but we keep moving forward so it’s over at some point. Then we have those times where we know we are in a transition period but we’re just not moving forward, we're stuck and it’s so frustrating. 

I’ve definitely been here, more than once, and I have a few things I do to push myself up and out and start to move forward. 

So, why do we get stuck? Well, this can be different for everyone but a lot of times it's because we are in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. Hence the freeze part. Also, it might just be the fear of the unknown and your own body & brain not letting you leave your comfort zone. 

hen we are in freeze because we experienced something very stressful or traumatic, your brain goes into protection mode. It’s your brain's job to keep you safe even if it’s not good for you, as long as you're alive and safe, that's all that matters. So, the brain will stay with old patterns because hey, they worked before, and also it takes your body less energy to stay in old patterns. 

When your brain keeps you in your comfort zone it's the same thing. Anything different, exciting, will be viewed as a threat or unsafe and it will do anything to keep you where it knows you will be safe and alive. 

Your brain doesn’t want you to thrive and live life fully. It just wants you to be alive and safe.

This is why we get stuck in our old patterns that don’t move us forward. 

This brings me to the first step.

Heal Your Nervous System: You need to get yourself out of fight, flight, and freeze and into rest and reset. We do this by reducing the stresses in our lives and also by using somatic healing practices like, breathwork, meditation, yoga, movement, shaking, tapping, and there are many more! When we start to reduce stress and heal and support the nervous system we then have the capacity and resilience for change.

After this I find that the next step is to start to,

Mix Things Up A Lot: What comes to mind is the saying “What got you here, won’t get you to where you want to go next.” Something like that. So, we’re stuck in old patterns and we don’t know how to move forward. 

Start changing up all the small things in your life to let your brain know, hey I think she's safe and ready to try new things. For example, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, having breakfast for dinner and vice versa, driving a different way to work or to go shopping, changing your morning/bedtime routine. Change it all up. 

Once you start making changes and move through them successfully then you’ll know, and your brain will know that it’s safe to come out of your comfort zone. 

You’ll automatically start to think of different things you can do in your life to move forward at a deeper level because you’ll be open and ready for it!

Follow Your Happy: This part is really simple but not always easy. Surprisingly we as humans don’t always think life can be fun and enjoyable. 

Some of us think that everything has to be hard, or we have to work ourselves to death before we allow ourselves to be happy or enjoy everything. 

Well, this my friend is a big lie that you’ve been told by society or the powers that be that want you to think this. So you work hard for them. Those tricky fuckers.

But this is not true. The truth is that life gets to be easy as long as you believe it and you learn to follow what makes you happy. EVERYDAY. That’s right, I said it, do things you enjoy every single day. 

So, you have to pay attention and be aware of the things that truly make you happy, make you feel in flow, and when you're doing these things, time just seems to freeze and not pass. Oh, how I love these moments. 

Then the key is to keep doing these things more and more and more. Until you’re just always happy. 

I know we all have responsibilities but when you have so much joy and happiness in your life these responsibilities seem much lighter. 

Gratitude: This always seems to be the answer for everything, right? 

I recently listened to Julia Louis Dreyfus’s Podcast, Wiser Than Me, where she interviewed Julie Andrews. You should give it a listen, so good! Julie Andrews always talks about how lucky she is and she states it out loud even when something kinda shitty is happening. 

For example, I’m so lucky that we’re having thunderstorms today even though I wanted to go to the beach. If you think about it there will be a reason. 

For example, my flowers are getting watered, I stayed in and was able to watch old movies with a friend. Whatever it is, we're all lucky as long as we see it this way. 

We can all see things this way, just start doing it and if you get stuck on something message me and I’ll help you find the magic in most situations. 

The key here is to be grateful for all you have, even if it’s just a thunderstorm, and stop focusing on what you don’t have. What we focus on expands, focus on the good in your life. 

Journal: Journal the shit out of everything. Journal when you have a decision to make, journal when you’re sad, mad, happy, whatever you’re feeling. Journal when you feel lost, journal when you have a great idea. Just journal. 

Journaling is like having a conversation with your subconscious, or your best friend who knows you inside and out and calls you out when you're being an ass. Journaling is therapy, a warm hug. 

I know, I make it sound like it's a miracle worker. Well, it kinda is. 

The one thing I want you to give yourself time to get into a groove with journal. Find what works for you.

Is it just free writing? Is it writing a story of your life? Is it using journal prompts? See what feels good for you and give it a chance. 

To get you started I’ll give you a journal prompt for this exercise to work with. 

If you had no limitations in your life in the form of money, society pressures, family pressures, age, knowledge, NO limitations, what would you be doing right now in your life now and for the next year? 

Write it out in great detail and have fun doing it. 

Ask yourself, how can I bring some of this magic into my life now?

I’ll leave you with that. If you’re feeling it, message me on the Gram and let me know what you’d be doing. 

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Xo, T


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