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5 Actions That Get You Unstuck

5 Actions You Can Take To Get Unstuck

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Every one of us has those points of transition in our lives. Sometimes We move through them with no problem, it’s not usually enjoyable but we keep moving forward so it’s over at some point. Then we have those times where we know we are in a transition period but we’re just not moving forward, we're stuck and it’s so frustrating. 

I’ve definitely been here, more than once, and I have a few things I do to push myself up and out and start to move forward. 

So, why do we get stuck? Well, this can be different for everyone but a lot of times it's because we are in a state of fight, flight, or freeze. Hence the freeze part. Also, it might just be the fear of the unknown and your own body & brain not letting you leave your comfort zone. 

hen we are in freeze because we experienced something very stressful or traumatic, your brain goes into protection mode. It’s your...

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6 Coaches & Healers Share Their Top Self Care Practices

6 Coaches & Healers Share Their Top Self-Care Practices

We all know that self-care is important for our well-being, our health, and our happiness. Yet many of us don't take the time to add these practices into our daily lives.

 In this special guest blog post, 6 coaches and healers, including myself,  share some of our favorite self-care practices that you can start using today. I hope you enjoy!

Let's get started.

 Tina Stinson

One of my favorite most powerful deep-level self-care practices is bringing myself back into the present moment.

When I’m feeling stressed or anxious it's usually coming from a thought or a feeling from the past or a worry about something in the future. 

These are two things that don’t exist and we have complete control over how they affect us.

All I do is, as soon as I’m feeling that stressed anxious feeling, take a few deep breaths to ground myself in my body. I acknowledge how I’m feeling and ask myself...

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20 Ways To Sleep Better

healing sleep Mar 03, 2020

20 Ways To Sleep Better

Sleeping is the way our bodies do a natural reset. We need this time to heal, detox, and rest. Here are some tips to improve your sleep and health!


  1. Have a bedtime routine - Having a calming routine and sticking to it helps your body know when you're getting ready to go to sleep and helps you relax and fall asleep easier 

  2. Stick to a schedule – Setting a specific time that you awake and head to bed every day sets your body into a rhythm. Combined with some of the other practices can lead to a great night's sleep. 

  3. Cut back on the caffeine – Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently and some people have it in their systems for up to 12 hrs! Cut back and possibly replace with some herbal tea.

  1. Stop watching TV and using your phone a couple of hours before bedtime – Exposing yourself to too much light and the stimulation of some of the action shows, video games, and social media can very very disruptive and make it hard...

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