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4 Coaches & Healers Share Their Top Self-Care Practices (Part 2)

I wanted to start a new series on the Soul Aligned Self Care News that shares other coaches' and healers' views of how they use self-care in their lives or with their clients.


I think it’s important to have different points of view from different types of coaches.


My goal is to have coaches and healers who work differently than I do in order for you to have the most beneficial and expansive experience when you spend time in the SASC Community.


This is our second Group Post!


This week we are joined by 3 other amazing coaches, 4including myself. 


I hope you find this helpful to you in your life.


Let’s get into it!


Tina Stinson


When I teach and use self-care practices in my life I always refer to it as Deep-Level Self-Care.

The reason I do this is that for me it's not only about some of the more surface-level practices like a hot bubble bath or getting my nails done with friends. Also very important.

It’s about caring for my Mind, Body, & Soul on a much deeper level.

Here are 3 simple quick ways I do this every day that you can do also, starting today!


Scheduling In Fun - Yes, you read that right, schedule it. As we move through our day we can be super busy doing, doing, & more doing. Sometimes we need a reminder to squeeze in fun every single day. As human beings we are not meant to always be working, busy, and productive. Sometimes we need to just be and experience some fun. Every day to be exact. We are human BEINGS, not Human DOINGS.


A Mid-Day Check-In - I love to take a few moments mid-day just to check in with myself, see how I’m feeling, and ask myself, what do I need right now? 

I do this by doing a 3-5 minute meditation and then journaling out how I feel if I need to redirect my energy or give myself some space. This is usually combined with my mid-day coffee break. Sometimes I’ll even take a quick cat nap. The point is to give yourself what you need and then move forward with your day.


Gratitude Check-in - This is my favorite. At the end of the day as you’re getting into bed go back and think through all the things you are grateful for from that day. Think about how they made you feel and bring that feeling into your heart at that moment. This is a powerful but simple way to end your day with a positive state of mind. I can’t think of a better way to head to sleep for the night. Just think about how much more positive your dreams will be.


As I said 3 simple but powerful ways to support yourself on a deep level. 

Remember to always treat yourself at the highest level possible. We are the only ones who can do this for ourselves and we set a standard to how the rest of the world is allowed to treat us. 

Tina Stinson

Soul Aligned Self Care & Success Coach


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Claire Bagehot


There are many self-care activities I love and have two that are my absolute ‘’go-to’’, which I do every day first thing in the morning pretty much as soon as I wake up.


I have experimented over the years with routines, rituals, and practices and have found that, for me, this is the most powerful combination by far for mind, body, energy, and spirit that really set me up for my day ahead.


The first thing I do is Qigong.


A 30min ‘warm up’ is followed by another 30mins of one particular posture which is always challenging on some level as it requires physical strength, mental resilience yet stillness and softness amongst other things.


It is incredibly simple in one way (perfect for me as part of my ethos is simplicity in everything in life) yet incredibly difficult in another.


The second thing I do is to sit and prepare for my day ahead, writing and reflecting. This helps me to quickly review clients and appointments, focus on what needs to be done, what I want to do, accomplish and achieve over the course of the day.


This routine, for me, is the utmost self-care I can provide and show myself at the start of each day of the week. Incredibly powerful, it encompasses everything that is important to me in a very loving way that works so perfectly for me.


Claire Bagehot

Quantum Empowerment Coach & Healer


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Marisa Moon


Two of the most powerful self-care practices in my life are intermittent fasting for mental energy, and living in better harmony with my menstrual cycle.


Most people find intermittent fasting because they want to lose excess weight, but for me, it was about boosting my brainpower.


It was around 8 years ago when I embarked on a new career path in the field of Ancestral Health, and this time period required a lot of self-discipline and cognition that I hadn’t needed since college.


Soon, I grew quite desperate—buckling under the constraints of my inattentive-type ADD brain. I knew I was capable of more, and I wanted to achieve this higher state of performance beyond what stimulant medication, exercise, and food helped me achieve so far.


That's when I found the courage to try intermittent fasting, and I never looked back. My brain finally has the energy, blood flow, and oxygen it needed thanks to the intermittent breaks I now grant my body away from the energy-intensive work of digesting food all day.


The other most impactful self-care practice I live by is to honor the phases of my menstrual cycle by strategically shifting my diet, habits, and obligations to work in concert with my ever-changing hormones.


For me, this can mean the difference between a month-long downward spiral of self-blame, mounting stress, and emotional outbursts (ah-hem, PMS); versus a month that sits firmly upon strategic scheduling and boundaries coupled with increased self-compassion, resilience, and emotional regulation.


Dear pre-menopausal readers, if you only do one thing to positively influence your life as a menstruating woman, I suggest you try this:


Around 7 days leading up to your period throughout the first two days you bleed, protect your time from unnecessary external obligations, and leave space in your calendar to do things that nourish you and only you—think: a night of doodling in solitude as you listen to love songs from the 80’s, or making your first attempt at homemade sauerkraut even though it might take you an hour and your family won't eat it.


By reducing time constraints and external obligations at this time of your cycle, and dipping your toe in the self-indulgent waters of a hobby, you’ll increase progesterone and balance stress hormones at a time when your body, mind, and soul desperately need it.

Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC

 Intermittent Fasting Coach

Primal Health Coach, Master Coach

National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach

marisamoon.com or freebie is at https://www.marisamoon.com/iffreedom



Ameerah Barker


Self-care has become a loaded word and multi-layer practice for me in the last few months; one that I am still peeling back the layers to understand what it means for me.

On the surface, it means to take care of yourself. But this can be anything from taking a shower every day to washing your clothes.

But in a world that places value on outside things such as appearance, having, and success, I’m learning that for me, self-care is becoming an internal practice to combat the external.

Three of my most powerful self-care practices are:

  1. Meditation. There is an extraordinary amount of mental noise that comes to us daily. Our subconscious mind processes up to 11 million bits of information every second! As a Founder & CEO of a growing company, my mind is constantly “doing” to the point where I get mentally exhausted, and I must force myself to sit down and focus. Meditation not only helps me to recharge but to quiet my mind enough to listen to my intuition and the spirit that guides me. 
  2. Journaling. After I meditate, I like to journal from a place of clarity. Writing helps to release energy and I believe that it also creates room for our higher self to speak. Our thoughts carry an energetic frequency and as we write, those thoughts tune into our higher frequency, providing us with major insights, answers, and guidance. I have talked myself through some difficult emotions a time or two while writing, so it cannot be overlooked.
  3. Setting Boundaries. It is very important for me to protect myself from negative outside influences. Whether that means blocking people on social media, letting go of people that no longer serve me, or limiting news events, I make it a point to control what I am exposed to. Because to become your best, you must surround your internal and external environments with the best.

Ameerah Barker

Founder & CEO, Scar Power


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These are some amazing tips that you can implement in your daily life immediately. Reach out to us if you need a bit of inspiration and support and be sure to grab some of the freebies available to you on the page. 

I'll be continuing on the "Top Coach Tips Series" as we go into the coming months with a holiday edition. We'll be covering how to enjoy the season without the overwhelm we sometimes feel.

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Xo, T


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