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Using Your Intuition to Get Unstuck

Using Intuition To Get Unstuck

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One of the very clear lessons I’ve learned on my path to getting unstuck and finding my purpose is how important my intuition is, my gut instinct, my inner guidance, my higher self. Whatever you want to call it. This connection with ourselves, our heart and soul to the brain is so important and I would say necessary in order to really be aligned. 

The reason I felt completely disconnected with myself for so long was because I was living in a state of fight, flight, freeze, survival, stress and anxiety, my whole life. When you're in this state, your brain is only focused on basic survival, keeping you safe, and using as little energy as possible. 

Some of the things that are important are keeping you alive even if the situation is not beneficial or supportive to your growth and happiness. So, thriving and living your life fully is not at the top of the list, survival and energy conservation is. 


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Another Hard Lesson For Me From the Universe

Another Hard Lesson For Me From the Universe


This is the second time the universe is trying to teach me this lesson. I’m not going to lie, I thought I had it down. I mean this is what I teach other people so I should have it down pretty well, right? I mean, I feel pretty damn good most of the time. 


Question: Am I so used to the way anxiety feels in my body that I don’t even realize I’m anxious?


The first time I learned this lesson was when I had a stroke caused by stress when I was 39. So I learned my lesson which was, It’s not just about what you eat and how much you exercise. It’s about taking care of your stress levels too. It was a hard lesson but I worked really hard at reducing my stress and anxiety, I tried everything and it worked. I felt so much better. I started coaching others on how I did this, what worked, and how I made it a habit.


I suppose I did not take into consideration the absolute chaos the world...

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Choosing You - Being Authentically Yourself

For this week's Monday Self-Care Challenge, I talked shortly about being authentically yourself very simply because it's easier. You don’t have to TRY to be a certain way you just ARE a certain way. Much easier, right?

There is obviously more to it than that but this is a good way to think about it. 

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Starting when I was younger because there was some stress in my household I became the people pleaser. I hated confrontation and my motto was, avoid confrontation at all costs. As I got older I mastered the art of people pleasing. This was not a good thing.


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