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Using Your Intuition to Get Unstuck

Using Intuition To Get Unstuck

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One of the very clear lessons I’ve learned on my path to getting unstuck and finding my purpose is how important my intuition is, my gut instinct, my inner guidance, my higher self. Whatever you want to call it. This connection with ourselves, our heart and soul to the brain is so important and I would say necessary in order to really be aligned. 

The reason I felt completely disconnected with myself for so long was because I was living in a state of fight, flight, freeze, survival, stress and anxiety, my whole life. When you're in this state, your brain is only focused on basic survival, keeping you safe, and using as little energy as possible. 

Some of the things that are important are keeping you alive even if the situation is not beneficial or supportive to your growth and happiness. So, thriving and living your life fully is not at the top of the list, survival and energy conservation is. 

To conserve energy our brain tends to stick with what has worked in the past, the only guideline for success for the brain was that you were alive. When it sticks to a path you have been using for a long time, a neural pathway that is embedded in your brain you use less energy. 

This is how we get stuck in a holding pattern. This is why we feel stuck. We are in survival mode and we need to start healing our nervous system and strengthening our resilience.

To start to do this, we really need to get connected to ourselves in the mind, the body, and then the soul level.

This starts by starting to check in with yourself every day, sometimes multiple times of the day the same way you would check in on a friend or a loved one that wasn’t feeling good. 

Taking the time to slow down, get grounded in your body by closing down your eyes and taking a few deep breaths until you can feel a bit of a release of the tension in your body. So, keep the breathing going until you feel this. Usually about 4-8 breaths seems to do the trick. The next step is to see how you feel in your body, what emotions are you feeling in that moment and if you have some tension left in the body, where are you holding it. 

This is about acknowledging yourself and the way you feel, something a lot of us never do. Then ask yourself, what do I need at this moment to feel good. Then give yourself that

Maybe you need a few deep breaths, a cup of tea, some water, a snack, a walk outside, or maybe just to sit in stillness for a moment. 

Most of the time it only takes up to a few minutes to do this but the change it creates in our life can be monumental. 

To continue to strengthen this connection with ourselves we need to keep doing the daily things to take care of our bodies. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and making sure we do some kind of movement every day. The more we care for ourselves and feel how good it feels the more we want to care for ourselves. 

When we are in a better state of mind from reducing stress and supporting our health, tuning into all the messages we receive from our bodies is a whole lot easier. You’ll start to notice small signs, synchronicities, knowings that come up that you never really noticed before when you and your mind and body were burdened with business.

Healing your nervous system with different somatic practices. For me this looks like, breathwork, many types of yoga, shaking, walking & hiking, and dancing help me stay connected to my body, help me have a positive relationship with my body.

Another thing that has deepened my intuition is when I notice a message, sign, a feeling in my gut, or anything that feels like guidance, I make a note of it. Writing it down starts to train my brain to pay more attention to these things and when we do this, we will naturally begin to notice more. Journaling is to me, like a doorway into our subconscious and one of the most powerful ways to connect with yourself.

Another practice that has been very helpful to me was diving into Human Design and astrology. Not only is it fun learning about the way we tick, but it has been so spot on. It’s like that old friend that knows every detail about you and notices even the parts you don’t. It helps me acknowledge why I am the way I am and learn how to use it as my superpower. I highly recommend it. For those of you tuned into Human Design, I’m a generator 6/2.

When it comes to really tuning into your own repetition, I can’t stress it enough. You need to practice daily deep level and surface level self-care. This will help you be able to have this superpower we all possess in the most powerful way in your life. 

The more I do this work, the more I notice how connected we all are in this world and that all I want is not just the best for myself and my family, but the best for everyone. Because when everyone experiences joy, then everyone keeps experiencing joy. 

Now you might be asking, what does this have to do with getting unstuck. Well, very simply put, when we’re tuned into our guidance it points us in the direction that is most aligned to our happiness and well-being. 

This might just be the start to learning more about yourself and what you're here to share with the world but there is no finish line or endpoint you reach. Life is just a continuous learning and expanding of our lives. 

The way I define our purpose is to experience joy in life, share your gifts with the world, and to expand yourself and your knowledge.

I started my journey to healing my nervous system in 2007. At the time I knew of no one that could help me except maybe participating in therapy. I learned everything I know today by educating myself and getting certified in all the different modalities to help me heal. 

Now I help other people do what I did for myself except we do it a whole lot quicker. 

Right now, I’m in the process of updating and adding to my signature program, Soul Aligned Self Care Intensive. This is where I share how to heal yourself, come back to yourself, and then thrive in your life instead of just surviving. 

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Get started today by just checking in with yourself, take a few breaths and really ask yourself what you need. This is just the beginning.

I hope to see you soon. 

Xo, T


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