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Using Your Intuition to Get Unstuck

Hey Beautiful Souls!

In today' episode I talked about how crucial it is to reconnect with our intuition, especially when we feel stuck in life. I shared my own story about moving from a place of constant stress and anxiety to living a life that's totally aligned with my purpose. It's super inspiring!

I dove into how our nervous system plays a big role in all of this and emphasized the importance of daily self-care practices. I even went over some really cool techniques like deep breathing and grounding exercises that we can easily incorporate into our routines. Plus, I talked about how understanding ourselves through tools like human design and astrology can be so enlightening.

And get this, I wrapped up the episode by introducing my Soul Aligned Self-Care Intensive program. It sounds like such a great way to get more support if you're looking to dive deeper. I think you should definitely check it out!

- Importance of reconnecting with intuition
- Overcoming feeling stuck in life
- Being connected to oneself, intuition, and gut instincts
- Impact of living in a constant state of survival stress and anxiety
- Brain's focus on survival and familiar neural pathways
- Healing the nervous system and strengthening resilience
- Daily self-care practices
- Reconnecting with the body and reducing stress
- Tuning into intuition through signs, synchronicities, and gut feelings
- Tina's journey of healing her own nervous system and helping others do the same

Tune into these topics:

00:00:00 - Reconnecting with Your Intuition
Understanding the importance of intuition, gut instincts, and inner guidance for living an aligned life.

00:02:27 - The Impact of Stress on Intuition
Exploring how chronic stress and survival mode can disconnect us from our intuition and purpose.

00:04:38 - Practicing Self-Check-Ins
The significance of daily self-check-ins to reconnect with oneself and acknowledge personal needs.

00:06:31 - Strengthening the Connection with Self
Techniques for grounding, deep breathing, and acknowledging emotions to strengthen the mind-body-soul connection.

00:14:20 - Tuning into Intuitive Messages
The importance of clearing energy, reducing stress, and paying attention to intuitive signs and messages.

00:17:33 - Exploring Human Design and Astrology
The role of human design and astrology in understanding oneself and leveraging personal traits as a superpower.

00:20:49 - The Continuous Journey of Self-Discovery
Embracing life as a continuous learning experience, defining purpose, and the significance of resilience in facing life's challenges.

00:22:54 - Checking in with Yourself
Encourages deep breathing and self-reflection as the first step to self-care.

00:22:54 - Starting the Journey
Emphasizes the simplicity of beginning the self-care journey with self-reflection and deep breathing.

I’m so glad you came and hung out with me today on the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast!

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