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Todays Thought - What Standards Do You Use As Your Guide?

What Standards Do You Use As Your Guide?

When you are doing something in your life whether it be your work, the way you eat, work out, your relationships, or the way you have fun, what do you use as a standard guide to what you do and how you do it?

For example, do you feel you have to put in a certain amount of time to earn a certain amount of money? Or, do you believe that you solve a problem or finish a job and you should get paid? A lot of people believe and a lot of corporations believe you should trade time for money but I think this just creates the opportunity for less than desirable outcomes and unhappy people. 

I think we should focus on doing the best possible work in the least amount of time by being intentional with the way we do things. 

How about working out? Do you ever limit yourself because you might think or society might think, you’re this old and you can’t do that, or you shouldn’t do that? 

I hear this all the time about...

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Todays Thought - Being Resonable VS Dreaming Big

drean big goals Oct 02, 2022

Being Reasonable VS Dreaming Big


When we were little kids our parents read us beautiful stories about amazing things. We were encouraged to dream big, and use our imagination, the bigger the better, the more creative the better. As a matter of fact, I remember doing this on the daily, and living this way was complete bliss.


I had a whole dream world going on and in this world, I had complete control of how everything played out. 


Well, believe it or not, this is really how our world works, we get what we have the courage to ask for and if you ask for small you will get small.


Then as we get older we are told to color in the lines, follow the rules, be quiet, respect authority, be reasonable, blah blah blah. 


So which is it? It’s a bit confusing, right? 


Well being reasonable never got anyone anywhere fabulous. I would argue that anyone who has any amazing experiences in their life had to have some big unreasonable...

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