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Todays Thought - What Standards Do You Use As Your Guide?

What Standards Do You Use As Your Guide?

When you are doing something in your life whether it be your work, the way you eat, work out, your relationships, or the way you have fun, what do you use as a standard guide to what you do and how you do it?

For example, do you feel you have to put in a certain amount of time to earn a certain amount of money? Or, do you believe that you solve a problem or finish a job and you should get paid? A lot of people believe and a lot of corporations believe you should trade time for money but I think this just creates the opportunity for less than desirable outcomes and unhappy people. 

I think we should focus on doing the best possible work in the least amount of time by being intentional with the way we do things. 

How about working out? Do you ever limit yourself because you might think or society might think, you’re this old and you can’t do that, or you shouldn’t do that? 

I hear this all the time about running. Do you know how many times I’ve heard comments like:

  • Enjoy it while you can because you're going to ruin your knees.
  • You won’t be able to do that for long.
  • My personal favorite is, why are you even trying, it’s not like you’re going to win a medal at your age.

All of this advice is offered up for free to me from people who have no experience, no training, and know nothing about me. 

But we hear these things, we process them, and they affect our belief systems. 

We have to constantly re-evaluate the information that's coming into our head and fix that shit.

It's a full-time job!

We all do this. We set the standards for our lives from what we see, experience, and are told. What is the norm for society? 

Yet these standards are not accurate and really should have no effect on your outcome.

Things do change over time when someone outperforms the norm and proves to society that it can be done. 

But you can decide today that you are going to tune everyone out and just do what you want, dream bigger, go get those dreams and keep the earplugs in and the blinders on.

We have to learn how to NOT compare ourselves to other people. We are all so different and have different circumstances, challenges, and talents.

You see I believe if you have a dream, a big dream, so big that you're afraid to tell people because you think they will laugh, or say you're crazy.

Well, I believe that once that dream is in your head, it exists and all you have to do is connect the dots. 

If you can think about it, visualize it, it's there, you just got to go find it!

So nothing is too big, you’re not too old, or young. You don’t need more education or experience. 

What you do need is belief in yourself, trust that you can get there, and have the perseverance to not give up, ever.

These may be simple things but they are not always easy. 

It can take some time, it took me 50 freaking years. Still working on it too.

I love it when I see someone figure this out at 20. Amazing, and I get a bit jealous. But, I love this for them. 

So when you are setting your goals and thinking about your dreams. Pay attention.

What standards are you using as a guide? How much are you limiting yourself because you don’t want to fail big?

Ask yourself, How can I expand on this and make it more amazing, bigger?

Because, why not? 

Big leaps, create big successes, big lessons, and an amazing life experience.

So if you would like a better or an absolutely amazing life experience then make it bigger.

I would love to hear about your big goals and dreams and how you expanded them. Especially if reading this convinced you to go bigger.:)

Xo, T


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