Is This You?

I want to lose the stress, lose the anxiety, and not feel like I'm on the brink of burnout! 

I want to feel peace. I want to be in a state of flow. I want to have success in my life, all areas, without feeling all the things above!

If this is you, I completely get it. It's like some kind of rule in society that we have to experience pain and stress in order to have anything wonderful.

This is complete BS and I will show you how to create this peace and flow in your life throughout this program.

We will all experience the ups and downs of life. It's about reframing your mindset to respond instead of reacting to the things that pop up along the way. This one thing alone can be life-changing. There are so many shifts you can make in your life to have a much better experience. 

We are all here to have a wonderful experience so let's make it one!

I can't wait to get started!

Xo, T

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Do you struggle with Stress & Anxiety ?

I hear ya, I've been there myself.


Do you want the success without the burnt out?

Are you approaching a state of burnout or are you constantly in a state of burnout in your personal or business life?



Soul Aligned Self Care Bootcamp

Helps you overcome that stress & anxiety by mastering your mindset & health and teaching you deep-level self-care practices.

Are you ready to break free of the stress & anxiety loop?

You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Join today and get instant access to all the training's and materials
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You're Benefits:

  • Reduction in your daily stress levels.

  • Reduction in your daily anxiety levels.

  • The ability to handle situations with ease and flow.

  • Improved mindset.

  • Improved self-worth and love.

  • A deeper connection with your intuition.

  • Improved overall health.

  • Have & maintain strong personal and professional boundaries.

  • A deeper connection with your true self and create your core values so you have a clear direction for your life.

  • The positive ripple effect it will have on every area of your life. Your home environment, relationships, social life, career & money, spirituality.



What We'll Cover:

  • Acknowledgment of your starting point.

  • Decluttering the mind, your space, and your systems.

  • Finding your personal de-stressor.

  • Food as fuel, clean eating.

  • Protecting your energy with boundaries.

  • Trusting yourself. Connecting with your intuition.

  • Reframing any situation to a positive.

  • Shifting your vibration.

  • Self-love and acceptance.

  • Gratitude.

  • Forgiveness of self and others.

  • More Lessons exploring mindset, and goal & dream planning with ease & flow. Coming 2023


What's Included:

  • Over 20 video lessons in deep-level self-care practice, mindset & health. At an $1111 Value

  • Worksheets with your action step and/or journaling prompts. 

    At a $497 Value

  • Affirmations for you to use with a phone wallpaper download. 

    At a $97 Value

  • Meditation and EFT Tapping video. 

    At a $597 Value

  •  A $4802 Value for $555 gets you lifetime access to all the work, plus additions and improvements.

  • Also, as a bonus, a private FB Group with Monthly Live coaching on all the topics & Q & A sessions as ongoing support so that you can have success with all the tools I give you in the program.

  • For those of you who need more support, there is now a VIP option available to you where you will get 4-private sessions with Tina over the course of a year! This is an add-on that will be purchased separately. Email tina@tinatinson to get more info.

  • You will have lifetime access to the program along with all the updates. You will always have continued ongoing support for as long as the course exists. $Priceless

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One Payment

  • 10 Video Lessons in Deep-Level Self-Care
  • Affirmations for Each Topic with phone wallpaper
  • Meditations
  • EFT Tapping
  • Powerful Worksheets
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Q and A Sessions with Tina! (NEW)

Payment Plan


Monthly for 12 Months

  • 10 Video Lessons in Deep-Level Self-Care
  • Affirmations for Each Topic with phone wallpaper
  • Meditations
  • EFT Tapping
  • Powerful Worksheets
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Q and A Sessions with Tina! (NEW)


Tina Stinson's Bootcamp on self-care and self-love provides invaluable practical, clear, and immediately useful guidance and resources. Her presentations are clear and concise. Tina presents these with warmth, kindness, and care. This course will provide anyone with lessons and tools that will yield greatly useful insights as we strive for better-balanced, richer lives. 

-Jim Van Alstine, Herbalist, Woodstock Herbal Products
Frequently Asked Questions

So, What happens if I do nothing?

Are you asking yourself, why should I do this? Will anything change?
The truth is if you do nothing different, nothing will change.
If you know somethings gotta change, you can feel it in your bones. You know there is more for you than what you're experiencing right now.
Then it's time to make the move.
I can't make any promises because, unless you do the work inside the lessons, then nothing different will happen.
So join me in Aligned & Worthy and commit to yourself that you'll do the work. 
If you're committed to yourself you will see the shifts in all the areas of your life.
I love you and look forward to seeing you on the inside!
Xo, T
P.S. When you sign up be sure to message me on social media so I can celebrate with you!
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Meet Tina

Tina is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Culinary Nutrition Expert & Educator.

Some of her areas of study are deep-level self-care, life purpose, confidence, happiness, the law of attraction, and plant-based nutrition.

Tina has been featured in the Healthy Career publication, Thrive Global, and also on the Aura Meditation App.

Her main focus is on women who are looking to heal themselves and thrive in their lives.

To help all overcome stress, anxiety, and burnout by mastering their mindset & health, and having a deep-level, self-care practice.

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