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Step 6 - Get Outside Every Day

Get outside every day

I know this can be hard when you work indoors or also during winter weather. Making a point to be outside, even for 5 minutes, can make a difference in your mood, your energy levels, and it can even lower your blood pressure. 

You are a living being that needs sunshine to feel good and to grow. Think of yourself as if you were a plant that needs the sun, water, and fresh air to grow and thrive.

Some of the things you can expect when you spend regular time outside every day:

  • It can help with anxiety and depression.
  • It can help boost your vitamin D levels. Did you know that 40% of men and women in the US are deficient?
  • It can help increase creativity, concentration, and mental clarity.
  • It helps lower blood pressure and reduces cortisol levels.
  • Being active outdoors helps us age more gracefully by improving sleep and improving mobility.

Getting outside with a friend is even better and we will talk more about community later in the guide.

We all feel better when we get outside to play so it’s time to make the things we love a priority and add it into our lives.

Don’t think you have time? Make some space by giving up or delegating another activity that you should be saying no to. This is about living in your purpose, remember? 

It’s time to set yourself up for this by managing the way you spend your time.

Below are some ways to get started.

Action Steps:

  • Start small, like I said even if it’s a 5-minute walk. 
  • Commit to doing it a few times a week and put it on your schedule.
  • Attach it to another habit. Like walking the dog, or getting the mail. 
  • Make it fun. Plan a short hike in a park on the weekend with a friend and bring a picnic to enjoy


  • Mix this with your movement and it's an extra bonus for your well-being.
  • Mix this with both movement and connection and it's even better!

Affirmation: My body needs sunshine and fresh air to thrive and grow. When I connect with nature I connect with myself.

Tips: Don't be afraid to take a walk in the rain or snow. It can really make you feel alive!

Xo, T

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