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Everything we are surrounded with throughout our whole life gives us the impression that once we reach mid-life as women we are past our prime, old and worn out, and that we are at some kind of an endpoint.

Media and advertising lead us to believe that aging is not good and we should do everything in our power to stop and delay it.


It might make us feel unappreciated, somewhat invisible, overwhelmed, and just plain tired.


Well excuse my French but this is complete bullshit. Mid-Life is just the beginning and can be a fresh exciting start.


You've raised your kids and they're fabulous mini-adults, some women have conquered their careers and might be looking for a new one, some even might be in the middle of a separation or divorce which always leads to a new start. This can be exciting and scary at the same time.


You get to dig deep, re-visit who you are at the core, and move forward with all the knowledge you've gained throughout your whole life thus far. This is exciting and you are absolutely ready to rock your second half!


I hear women say all the time I wish I could back to my younger self with all the knowledge I have now and do everything over. I say, the experience you gained from your life is invaluable and you should use it now to move forward with complete confidence and power into midlife.


This is your time, right now!


Use these tips as a springboard into your new beginning!

Xo, Tina

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