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Juggling Passions and Responsibilities: A Clear Approach to Success

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately Juggling Passions and Responsibilities, because it comes up so often in my own life. I have been learning all about human design because we are reading a human design book in the Soul Aligned Self Care Insider group and I’m a Generator with a sacral authority. 

To learn more about Human Design, visit my good friends podcast, The Human Design Hive, HERE

The way I’m supposed to make decisions is to follow my gut. It’s either a hell yes, or a solid no. So, I’ve been trying to live by this in the way I work in my business and life. It’s been very interesting because some of the things I get a strong no on are things that I’m responsible for.

My gut is telling me no, but I need to get this done so I want to share how I’ve been navigating this issue. 

As an example, I love my podcast, Soul Aligned Self Care, I love recording it, I love having guests on, but I hate doing...

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