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10 Soul Aligned Deep Self-Care Practices

10 Soul Aligned Deep Self-Care Practices

Start living big, with passion, propose, and impact


A lot of times when we talk about self-care we think of getting a massage, a hot bath, and having a nice warm cup of herbal tea.


These are all great self-care things to add to your life but unless you’re doing them consistently, they will only be surface-level self-care.


There is nothing wrong with surface-level self-care. It will raise your vibe and mood which is always beneficial. 


However, we want to do things that will create lasting change in order to protect our energy and create the space for the things we love.


Let us go over 10 soul-aligned deep self-care practices that will help you create the space for a life full of passion, purpose, and impact.


1. Learning the 6 types of self-care


  • Emotional - Things that will help you process your emotions
  • Physical - Things that help you improve your physical health.
  • Mental - Things that stimulate your mind and intellect.
  • Social - Activities that support positive relationships.
  • Spiritual - Activities that support your spiritual life and help you think bigger than yourself.
  • Practical - Activities you complete to help your life processes run smoother.


Learning that there are different types of self-care that can be applied to different areas of your life helps you break self-care down into small steps that are easier to apply to your life.


  1.   Decluttering your mind, space, and processes.


  • When you take the time to de-clutter the mind you are facing things that need to get done in your life and relationships that might need some boundaries. The quicker you take care of these things the less you are thinking about them, having them loop in your mind and clutter up your thinking space. 
  • By de-cluttering your space you not only make space for new things but it reduces the stress of the environment you live in. It feels good to have a clean functional space.
  • By de-cluttering the processes in your life you're taking the things you do on a regular basis and making them flow and as easy as possible. Think, Joining a gym that is located on your way home from work so you are more likely to get your workout in. A streamlined process sets you up for success and flow.


3. Finding a stress relief technique that works for you.


  • We all know that meditation, EFT tapping, exercise, yoga, and breathing exercises all work as stress relief tools. What’s important is that you find the one that works for you. What works for someone else will not always jive with you. So, try them all and see which one you vibe with.


  1. Use food to heal and fuel your body.


  • The body is amazing. It knows how to heal itself as long as you can create a healing environment. Part of this is feeding yourself real, whole food. Mostly plants, and not eating too much. (Michael Pollan Quote.) When you’re removing food filled with chemicals, sugar, and pesticides, you are creating a healing space for your body and fueling yourself for optimal energy. I don’t know about you but I can always use energy and healing.


  1. Protecting your energy and setting boundaries.


  • Protecting your energy is all about learning to set boundaries and maintain them.
  • You will know you need to set a boundary if you ever feel like someone is taking advantage of you. If you feel you need to do something to keep someone else happy and to avoid conflict. Also, if you ever feel drained when leaving a situation or a person.
  • Setting and maintaining a boundary is your responsibility only. It’s not someone else's job to follow your rules. It’s your job to hold that boundary if someone steps over it. Expecting someone else to do this job for you will always lead to disappointment/resentment. You need to step up to the plate and protect your energy and time.


  1. Trusting yourself and tuning into your intuition.


  • Everyone has the ability to be intuitive. Being able to tune into your intuition and trust yourself is almost completely linked to setting your boundaries. If you’re stressed and not protecting your energy then it’s hard to have the space and time to be able to be in the moment and tune into yourself. You need to be in a relaxed state, especially when this might be new for you, to be able to connect with yourself on a deeper level.


  1. Re-Framing any situation to a positive.


  • Learning to re-frame is all about working on your mindset or what you believe to be true. Doing this naturally took me a couple of years to master. When you are able to do this it is absolutely life-changing. I now know that everything happens for me and there is no such thing as failure. Everything is a learning experience and a chance to make adjustments for a better outcome. When you believe this to be true, your life becomes magical. Read more and learn how to re-frame HERE


  1. Always up your vibe, always strive to feel better.


    • I’m not saying to not feel your feelings. If you are sad then feel sad. It’s important to process your feelings. I’m saying don’t stay there too long. Move on to better things.
    • When you’re going from being sad or mad don’t expect to go right from there to joy. 
    • Moving up to joy more gradually is more realistic. Maybe go from sad to hopeful and then to joy.


  • When you learn how to up your vibe/mood this will automatically attract more of that positivity into your life. What you focus on always expands. 



  1. Self-Love, self-acceptance.


  • Learning to love and accept yourself where you are right now completely, will also help you improve yourself.
  • When you have a positive outlook on your physical and mental self and accept and love yourself that way, you're in a positive state. 
  • What you focus on expands. 
  • If you want to improve yourself in any way or get better at something then doing it in a positive state will help this happen quicker.


  1. Gratitude


  • Practicing gratitude daily is the quickest and easiest way to up your vibe/mood.
  • Your daily gratitude doesn't have to be all these huge amazing things. It can be the smallest thing.
  • If you’re struggling to be grateful for anything then start small. I’m grateful for my heart beating, my fingernails, the sunrise, my morning coffee. I’m always grateful for my coffee:)
  • If you start with just one of these practices, gratitude would be the most powerful. Remember again, what you focus on expands!
  • Write a gratitude list daily. Yes, write it out, so much more powerful.


I hope that you can resonate with some of these practices or maybe all. Whatever works for you, take it with you. Whatever doesn’t leave it behind. 


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Lots of love and care.


Xo, T


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