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The Get Unstuck Series - 3 Mindset Shifts To Get Your Power Back

3 Mindset Shifts To Get Your Power Back


One of my most important passions is helping a driven woman like you make self-care a daily habit.

The reason this is so important to me is that I don’t want anyone to experience the level of burnout I experienced in my life.

By making daily self-care a norm, you can keep overwhelm and burnout out of your experience and still be driven and successful!

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I’m going to share with you 3 mindset shifts to make to start thinking about today.


1. When You practice self-care it gives to the power to put your best self into the world.


It is a common belief that self-care is just selfish and it should only be done when you have extra time or maybe after you worked yourself to death.


This is so untrue. 


Think about the person you put forward when you're not rested.


You can be cranky, don’t have a clear mind to make good decisions, you don’t feel good, you don’t have energy, and sometimes you can also make mistakes. 


These are just some of the things that happen when we’re not rested. 


We can get sick and then we lose time.


Lastly, when we are in a stressed and tired state for a long period of time it can create chronic illness. 


This is not us putting our best selves into the world. 


When we take care of ourselves on the daily we not only feel better, we are sharper, make better decisions, are in a better mood, and have more energy.

We know we’re doing our best work.


Another thing that naturally happens when we take care of ourselves at a high level is we show all the people around us how we want to be treated, we show the boundaries of what is acceptable in our lives.


So yes, we even get treated better.


Start shifting your mindset to -  When I take care of myself, I get to put the best version of me into the world.


2. When I declutter and create space, New things and experiences have room to come into my life.


Taking the time to keep your mind, your space, and your processes decluttered a little bit every day automatically makes room for the new things you want, like a new car, job, or partner. When we learn to declutter the mind from stress we can work smoother, and more in flow. 


When we declutter out space, we create room for more for the material things to come into our life.


When we declutter the processes in which we do things, how we work. We reduce stress, and we also reduce the time it takes to do things.


If you’ve been wanting to manifest something into your life and it’s just not coming, keep in mind that there might not be space for it right now.


Start shifting to - When I clean out the old, I make room for the new.


3. Be you, it’s so much easier.


When we are working hard to reach our goals and dreams we might think we have to fit into some kind of mold.


You might think you need to talk a certain way, say certain things, 


Maybe you think you need to have a specific look.


You also might think you need to do all the same things another person did to be successful in their life.


Maybe I need to be more educated, I just don’t know enough yet.


The truth is, you just need to tune into your true self and embrace you. Pay attention to how something feels in your gut. This is how you know you're on the right path.


Remember, when you're trying to act or be a certain way, it’s hard work. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to TRY to be anyone. I just want to BE 100% me.


When you're always true to yourself it’s less work, less stressful, you don’t have to “remember how to act”. You’re just being you.


Doesn’t that sound just so easy, so simple, and wonderful?


So start shifting to - Success comes easy when I’m aligned with my true self.


So the 3 shifts:


1. When You practice self-care it gives to the power to put your best self into the world.


2. When I declutter and create space, New things and experiences have room to come into my life.


3. Be you, it's much easier.


These are just 3 simple but powerful mindset shifts you can make in order to be driven and successful without the overwhelm and burnout. 


That sounds like a better path to me, rather than constant stress and being on the edge of burnout, right?


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Xo, T

P.S. Remember to always add deep-level self-care into your daily life.



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