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Step 2 - Revisit What Brings You Joy

This week we will be covering the second step from the free Finding Your Life Purpose Guide.

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~Re-Visit what brings you joy~

We as women get so busy with our family, careers, relationships, and sometimes the care of a parent. We can easily lose track of the things we used to enjoy. It's not just the big things like hobbies and traveling. It's the little things too. A walk in nature, a quiet cup of coffee with a book. We tell ourselves we don't have time.

Before you know it, we are going through our lives unconsciously not even aware that we aren't having too much fun, we lose our sense of self, you know that fun lady you used to know:) Now it's time for you to make time and find her.

Action step: Write down the things that brought you joy during the different stages of your life, anything you can remember.

  • Elementary years, Teen Years, Your Twenties, Your Thirties, Your Forties, Your Fifties, Your Sixties, Ect.

Write down whatever your first thought is and don't question it. Don't judge yourself... just shut that voice down quickly. Remember this is your list, not societies, your spouse's, or your children's. Write how you felt when you did these things.

Now, look at your lists and circle or highlight all the things that repeat or that are in common.

Consider re-visiting these things now. Don't just say you will either do it right at this moment or schedule it. Success comes in your actions.

Actions you can take:


  • Make a new list of things from your list that you are willing to try again.
  • Add one per week to your schedule.
  • When that feeling of fear comes up, thank it for protecting you and tell it you're moving forward anyway.
  • Remind yourself, this is a commitment to yourself. It’s important to follow through with these commitments so you can build and keep self-trust.
  • Ask a friend or family member to join you. You’ll have loads of fun!!
  • Put this on your schedule on your phone or whatever you use for appointments.


Affirmation: I am on a journey to get to know myself again and I love who I am!

Tips: Make a point to look at this list every day to remind yourself to add joy to every day. To make it easier, take a post-it, write your list on there, and put it on the fridge.

You can also snap a pic with your cell phone and load it as your wallpaper.

I hope you have fun with this step and I can’t wait to hear more about your steps. Feel free to share it with me on social media and be sure to tag me!

Lots Of Love!

Xo, T


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