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Step 8 - De-stress and self-care

Step 8 - De-stress and self-care - Life Purpose Guide

De-stress and self-care

Most of the things we have talked about so far could be considered de-stressors and self-care. You will find if you don't continuously look at the ways you spend your time and reset how you might be doing things, you’ll become unbalanced. Just like riding on a bicycle becomes habitual and second nature, where you don't even have to think about the balance, it just happens, you need to form this same habit with self-care in your life.


I believe that learning to set boundaries and maintain them so you can protect your energy and time is the foundation of self-care.

How do you know when you need to set a boundary? If you are feeling obligated to do something to keep the peace or to avoid conflict a boundary needs to be placed here.

If you feel like someone is walking all over you or you feel like a doormat, a boundary needs to be set.

Setting boundaries is about deciding what is acceptable to you in your life and creating and maintaining that space for yourself. 

Action Steps: 

  • Go through this health and wellness section in this guide daily and add balance where you need it. Do this until it becomes habitual.
  • Set an example for your loved ones and kids so they can form the same habits. This makes your and their success more likely.
  • Examine your life and decide where you need to place some boundaries and start setting and maintaining them to create space and balance in your life.
  • Remember these things take practice and patience. Start by taking small steps, mastering them, and then move forward with your next small step.

Affirmation: I pay attention to the things that help me thrive because I deserve the very best.

Tips: Do these health and wellness steps one at a time so you don't become overwhelmed.

I hope that you can slowly create a self-care practice that supports your time and energy in your life. These are your most valuable assets and you need to take care of them.

Xo, T

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