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Step 4 - Eat Real Food

As women, we always focus on taking care of everyone else and often fall short on taking care of ourselves. Keep in mind if we fail to care for ourselves we will not be able to care for others.

At some point, we burn out and sometimes get sick. While some of these steps will seem simple and may also be something you know you should already be doing, it’s not always something we are doing.

You might be thinking? What the heck does this have to do with life purpose? 

Well, if we feel like shit we will not have the energy or the motivation to pursue any new ventures. I want you to have success and feel amazing.

It’s also hard to pursue anything new when you're sick. 

My hope for you is to uplevel however you feel right now. 

So let’s do this!

Eat Real Food

What is real food? Well, it's food that grows from the Earth, and food that has no label or under 5 ingredients on the label that are real food. This is really simple but not easy to do. It does involve a bit of cooking or meal service. If you want to start feeling better and having more energy you will have to commit to this. Make the decision right now to commit to this. Eating real food can be life-changing in many ways. It improves your health, energy, skin, hair, brain function, weight, and many other things.

Our bodies are brilliant. They know exactly what to do to heal. They just need the chance. 

As an example, imagine if you were walking across the room and you walked into a piece of furniture and got a really bad bruise on your shin. Would it heal? Of course it would. But imagine now if you did the same thing everyday and hit that same spot every day for months or years. Then would it heal? Most likely not. It would most likely get worse and worse until you needed some kind of intervention.

The main point here is if we want our bodies to feel good, have energy, and not be ill, we have to give it a chance to heal by taking care of it.

We have to stop eating crap full of chemicals, bad sugars and fats. We have to eat real whole food. We also have to make some other lifestyle changes that we will talk about in the coming weeks.

Today though, we will start with food.

Action steps:

  • Eat more fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts and seeds, and whole grains
  • Read labels and learn about what you're putting into your body. If you won’t give it to your child or baby then don’t give it to yourself.Bread should not have 20 ingredients!
  • Drink water, it's what you're made of so keep adding it:)
  • Remove all added sugar. Sugar has over 68 names and manufacturers sometimes hide how much sugar is in something by using the different names on the label. Once again, look it up. 
  • Sometimes you might feel worse before you feel better. It's a bit of a detox. You will feel better in about two weeks.

These steps are simple but not always easy.

Start small. One meal a day. Then keep moving forward until your whole diet is real whole food. You can do one meal a day, right?

If you have any health conditions go over these steps with your primary doctor first.

Affirmation: Food is my medicine and I am what I eat. I love myself so I care for myself.

Xo, T

Tina Marie Stinson

Life Purpose Coach

Women's Empowerment Coach


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