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Deep Level Self Care Series: Raising Your Vibration To Feel Better

Deep Level Self Care Series: Raising Your Vibration To Feel Better

As we come to a close of the deep-level self-care series I'm just sharing with you a few of my favorite topics that I cover inside of the Soul-Aligned Self-Care Bootcamp and this is one of them.

The reason it's a favorite is because it's so easy to do, it's free to do, and it works almost instantaneously. Raising your vibration or I suppose you can also say improving your mood but I think that sounds much less fun.

Raising your vibration or improving your mood is not an all-or-nothing practice.

What I mean by this is, it's not about feeling joyful and perfect all the time.

It's more about tuning into your own needs. getting present at that moment, and then asking yourself what you need.  Also to, give yourself what you need.

I know this sounds like a lot but you can do this multiple times a day for under 15 minutes.

Before I get started I want to share with you a tool that I use. It's called the emotional guidance scale and I believe that it was introduced by Abraham Hicks.

What the scale does is show all of your emotions listed from 1 to 22.  One being Joy and 22 being fear and obviously, there's a whole bunch of emotions in between.

I like to use this scale it's because it shows you that you can go from 22 which is fear up to 10 which is frustration and this is an actual Improvement in your vibration or your mood.  This shows us that we don't have to go to perfect we just have to feel better.

As I said earlier this is not an All or Nothing practice.  This scale shows us this. I  believe you can get a copy of it online if you Google it.

I used to keep this scale next to my desk all the time I used it for myself and when I was working with clients. 

Today I'm going to share a quick practice with you that I use every single day to add deep-level self-care to my life, support myself, and love myself at the deepest level.

So you might be thinking I don't have time for this right and that's one of the biggest arguments I get about deep level self care. But I beg to differ because what happened to me after not taking care of myself for a long time and suffering from a long period of hardcore stress and being in a verbally abusive relationship was that it took a toll on my health.  I had a stroke caused by the stress. I would say this stopped me in my tracks and forced me to make some time for my self-care.

"So I believe putting yourself first and taking care of yourself first is not a luxury, it's a priority and a necessity it's a part of living a healthy lifestyle."

If this is a hard concept for you to wrap your head around I want you to grab a copy of my Free Masterclass called, 3 Mindset Shifts To Get Unstuck For Good. I did this masterclass live on the podcast so it's a audio recording.  In this master class I share with you three mindset shifts that are needed to start your self-care journey and one of them is learning how to put yourself first without the guilt so be sure to go grab that.  Especially if you cringed when I said you have to put yourself first.

So let's get into this practice that I want to share with you.

The first thing you're going to do is take a few minutes out of your day this should take you 5 to 10 minutes.

I want you to be uninterrupted for this time. Start up by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths slowing down your breathing getting present in the moment and grounded into your body.

A great breathwork exercise is to breathe in for a count of four and then exhale for a count of eight. If this feels like too much to you you could breathe in for three and exhale for six.  It's just a matter of doubling the amount of your out-breath. Do this at least four times to start to relax and get present.

The next step is to close your eyes put your hands on your heart center and ask yourself what do I need right now in this moment to feel a little bit better?  Now you might feel great so maybe all you needed was this short moment to check in with yourself and take a few deep breaths. If this is the case for you and you're feeling great maybe just take 5 minutes set the timer on your phone and do deep breathing for that 5 minutes.

Believe me, there is nothing like a 5-minute breathwork reset to change the shape of your whole day and improve it even more.

So some of the things that come up for me are:

  • If I'm stressed out I might need to go for a walk outside or maybe put some music on and dance to my favorite song to release some of that energy.  
  • If I'm feeling tired I might want to just shut my eyes for 10 minutes I'll set an alarm just to take a quick power nap.  
  • If I'm feeling overwhelmed over-scheduled with my day I might go back to my to-do list and decide what has to get done that day and finish my day early.  

Now I'm quite aware not everybody can do that but if you do have the space to do this then why not this is why people go into business for themselves in the first place.

Now if you're struggling with this exercise and don't know how to give yourself what you need or don't know how to improve your mood or make yourself feel just a little bit better then I would encourage you to download the emotional guidance scale. 

Decide where you're at on the scale, what emotion are you feeling?  

 Then move yourself up the scale from the emotion you're experiencing and see if you can get to one of those higher vibrations on the scale.  Even if you just move one slot up that's an improvement this is you feeling a little bit better.

When I first started practicing deep-level self-care after coming out of that time in my life when I was under a lot of stress, where I was in a very dysfunctional relationship, I didn't know how to take care of myself and by using the scale I learned.  

Now this comes naturally to me and it will for you too.  So be patient with yourself and start practicing deep-level self-care every single day

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Until next week,

Xo, T



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