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Combining Clean and Intuitive Eating for Weight-Loss

~Combining Clean and Intuitive Eating for Weight-Loss


In order to have weight loss that lasts you really don’t need a diet, you need a lifestyle change. You can’t expect the weight to stay off if you revert back to old habits. So the first step to long-lasting weight loss and improved health is accepting that you will have to make a lifestyle change.

Today I will cover 4 ways to get started with clean and intuitive eating so that you can get rid of some of those unwanted pounds and improve your health.


  • Eat Plant-Based Whole Food - What exactly does this mean? Well, plant-based is eating mostly plants and avoiding any animal-based foods. Whole foods are foods that are not processed. These foods don’t have an ingredient list or they might have a very limited one. Veggies, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. When you do buy something with a label, make sure you read it and know what the ingredients are. If you wouldn’t feed it to a baby then maybe you shouldn’t eat it either. You will have to cook and prepare food more but the one thing you will appreciate is how good real food tastes!
  • Stop Eating Before You Get Full - This means to stop eating when your hunger is satisfied not when you feel stuffed. There are a few ways you can do this. You can eat slowly and stay tuned in to how you feel, just pay attention. Make sure to chew your food thoroughly and put utensils down in between bites. This will also help with digestion. If you know that you tend to overeat, then only eat half of what you normally would and then check in with yourself and see if your hunger is satisfied. If so, then just stop there. Believe me, this is life-changing, you will feel so much better and have more energy if you do this!
  • Eat Organic - I used to kinda go back and forth with this one because I know it can be expensive. What's more expensive is the price we pay with our health and the health of our food system. I could most likely write 20 pages on this subject alone, but if I had to say it quickly I would say, foods sprayed with pesticides and soils sprayed with pesticides lack the nutrients our bodies need because we are killing the organisms in the soil that create the nutrients. We are also filling our bodies with the same poison every time we eat so it’s a double whammy. Non-organic food lacks the nutrients your body needs and is covered in poison. It is also killing the organisms in the soil we need to grow nutrient-rich foods so there is a negative long-term effect. Avoid it like the plague because it is.
  • Eat Your Meals In A Relaxed State - I know this sounds like it can be easy but for a lot of people it can be really hard. Here are some ways to get started. Always take the time to sit and eat your meals, take 4 deep breaths before you start eating, and get into a relaxed state, make it an event if possible. Have flowers at the table, use the good china, cloth napkins, eat with a good friend, take the time to be grateful for the food. Most people say they don’t have time, I say make the time. Eating in a stressed hurried state hinders your digestion and your body's ability to absorb nutrients. This could show up as gas, bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, and the list goes on. Give it a try and see if any of your symptoms improve. 


These are just a few beginner things you can do right now to get started. If you want to go further be sure to join one of my Facebook groups and get on my email list. For the month of May 2021, I’ll be doing a clean eating lifestyle challenge where we will take a deep dive into the subjects. This will be a free challenge when you join the groups. 

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Lots of love

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