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Be More Intentional With Your Time

When I was younger like most people I was not very intentional with my time.
I was very busy but I was just getting through the day.
I found myself just reacting to what I ran into and had to deal with.
I was a single mom with 3 kids and everything seemed impossible, unorganized, and half-assed.
I had absolutely no control and worse, I believed that having control of my own time was not possible.
Things have changed a lot.
I've set boundaries, lots.
I decluttered and simplified everything. I love simple.
I learned that being intentional about my time for me means I have big dreams, desires, and goals and make sure I spend most of my time moving toward those things.
I check in with myself every so often to make sure I’m on the right track. Daily now.
The first step to being intentional is knowing where you want to go?
What are your dreams and goals?
If you don’t have any that light your soul on fire 🔥 then it’s time to get some!
I really hope you do. Life is so much sweeter this way. ❤️
I recently did a live on this. 
It's short and sweet and you'll come away with some easy action steps to get started today.

You can check the live out HERE<<

Xo T
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