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5 things to leave behind Part 4&5

Today I'll be sharing parts 4 and 5 of the things I want to leave behind as we move into the new year.

Before I get started I wanted to share with you that I have probably 20 things I would like to leave behind and I will leave behind but I feel that would be too long and drawn out.

I encourage you to not have a new year resolution but to just reflect on the last year and have a plan to get closer to your goals and dreams. 

Plan is the keyword here because if you don't really know what you want and you don't have a vision or a plan to get what you want when you figure it out then you most likely won't get there.

So moving on.

The last two things I'm leaving behind are connected to each other. 

One is a hustle mentality, and the other is not making time, a lot of time for my self-care.

You see I figured out that when I take the time to treat myself well, take care of myself, I get things done quicker.

Not just quicker, but also better. I have better creativity and productivity.

So I don't have to hustle! Ha! Go figure!

Now that this has worked so freaking good for me, I share it in my programs and in my private coaching.

This does involve a lot of deep-level self-care and it would take a whole other post and maybe more to explain. 

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I'll be sharing all my deep-level self-care practices.

I would love to hear from you, just message me on any of the platforms I just mentioned.

Talk soon.

Xo, T

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