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4 Ways To Treat Yourself When Your Feeling Stressed

4 Ways To Treat Yourself When Your Feeling Stressed

Very recently I had a day. I was just feeling so blah and I was kinda mad because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do. 

But I know when I’m feeling this way It’s not the right time for me to write or do a live. So I’m basically not getting any work done.

So then my feelings move into not just blah but also a little bit stressed because I know I’m not getting anything done.

Have you been here? You need to get stuff done but your feeling kinda sad and then you're stressed because you're not getting anything done. LOL. A vicious circle.

This is when I know it’s time to treat myself to some self-care. 

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Here are a few ways I treat myself. When I take the time and give myself the space I can bounce back in just a few hours. Sometimes I just need a day though.

  • Just let myself feel the way I do and have compassion and acceptance. We don’t always feel great and we can’t always feel positive all the time. We have ups and downs. Everyone does. So when you’re feeling crappy just allow yourself to feel the feelings and have some compassion for yourself. Just like you would for a friend or a child. When you allow yourself the space to feel you feelings instead of judging yourself you will be able to move forward more quickly. (Pity Party Podcast)
  • Ask yourself what you need. Depending on your mood this could be so many different things. Taking the time to ask yourself this is important. Most of us never do this, we just move on with our day. You might need a good cry, a cat nap, 30-minutes of reading your favorite book, lunch with a friend, to scream into a pillow. If we just take the time to do these two first things here we can sometimes shorten the amount of time we feel crappy. Why is this? We just want to be acknowledged. We want to know someone cares and that we will be cared for and yes, you can do this for yourself!
  • Move that energy out. Now after those first two steps, which can take 30 minutes or a whole day. Whatever it is, give yourself as much space as you can. When you feel ready to move on, move that energy out of your body. For me I can do this with a run, a hike, some gardening, and dance around the living room. Find what works for you but get moving. A walkout in nature works miracles for a lot of people. When that's not possible though dancing and singing to your favorite music can change the whole course of your day. (Talk about trapped energy)
  • Spoil yourself. This is something I love to do but only works sometimes. I give myself all my favorite things. This usually involves food, a hot bath, watching a favorite movie, getting my nails done, a massage, and going to a bookstore. These things light me up and when I need just a little pick me up they work instantly. But only after I do all the other steps. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe we should do this for ourselves daily, just give ourselves something we love daily. Isn’t that what life is all about, to have some fun? So why not every day?

Right now I’m sitting here on a Saturday writing this. I don’t usually work on Saturday but I have my family visiting on Monday and I want to clear my schedule for when they're here. I was feeling blah today but decided to work, I thought writing about this would make me feel better. It did! I’m also clearing my schedule as we speak so that I can goof off and have fun Monday and Tuesday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to make some apple blondies, take a hot bath, have a cup of coffee, and then do some yoga. I feel better just thinking about it.

Talk soon!

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Xo, T

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