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Step1 - 12 Steps To Life Purpose Series

I wanted to start a series to help women that may be feeling stuck, uninspired about their life as they enter or are in mid-life.

I have a free 12-step guide that you can download and have as a reference. You can grab it here: https://www.tinastinson.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-rocking-your-second-half

I hope you join me for this weekly series and be sure to reach out with any questions.

Everything we are surrounded with throughout our whole life gives us the impression that once we reach mid-life as women we are past our prime, old and worn out, and that we are at some kind of an endpoint.

Media and advertising lead us to believe that aging is not good and we should do everything in our power to stop and delay it.

It might make us feel stuck, unappreciated, somewhat invisible, overwhelmed, and just plain tired.

Well excuse my French but this is complete bullshit. Mid-Life is just the beginning and can be a fresh exciting start.

You've raised your kids and they're fabulous mini-adults, some women have conquered their careers and might be looking for a new one, and some even might be in the middle of a separation or divorce which always leads to a new start. This can be exciting and scary at the same time.

Let's dig deep, re-visit who you are at the core, and move forward with all the knowledge you've gained throughout your whole life thus far. This is exciting and you are absolutely ready to rock your second half!

I hear women say all the time, I wish I could go back to my younger self with all the knowledge I have now and do everything over. I say do it now! The experience you gained from your life is invaluable and you should use it now to move forward with complete confidence and power into midlife.

This is your time, right now!

Use these tips as a springboard into your new beginning!

~Look at where you are right now and how you're feeling~

Ask yourself these questions to get started.

  • Have you lost your zest for life? Why? Write down when was the last time you felt excited about life and what you were doing. Why did you stop and what are you spending this time on right now?

This step might be hard. Some of us, including myself, don't really want to acknowledge where we are right now because we’re not happy with it.

It’s really important to know your starting point when you’re headed to a new destination. Just like when you use a GPS, there is a starting location and then your destination. You need both to have success in reaching the place you want to be.

You’ll also get to look back at some point and see how far you have come and celebrate!!

  • Do you find yourself looking at other women and wishing you had what they have? Why? 

I don’t like when we compare ourselves to other women/people. First of all, we all are different with different starting points, different dreams, and goals. Different values and we all have different circumstances. 

Can we really fairly compare ourselves to another person? No, we can’t. So just stop. Comparing ourselves to others is the biggest dream killer in the universe!

  • Do you find yourself bored and uninspired? Why?

When I was a kid, I would complain to my mother that I was bored. She would say to me, “Then you must be boring” This is some serious tough love! It took me a while to work up the courage to ask what she meant. My feelings were kinda hurt. 

She told me that if I wasn’t boring, I would be able to entertain myself. 

Hmm I thought, I’m not boring so I will find something to do that's uber exciting, and I did. Even though I was probably 7 or 8 at the time I still think of this as an adult and always find a way to entertain myself! 

I want you to think back, even if it’s way back, to a time when you were excited when you woke up. What were you doing? What are you doing now that's different? 

You can start to think about how you can start changing this situation but more importantly, Acknowledge where you are right now and how it feels.

  • Do you lack energy and curiosity? Why?

Sometimes the lack of energy mid-life comes from a lack of inspiration and not from the damn hormones.

Pay attention to when you get those little boosts of energy. What are you doing? Write it down, pay attention. Sometimes we have to be a bit of a detective to awaken the soul. 

When was the last time you had a curiosity about something new? A class, something you were learning? 

Did you know that having a purpose in life is a need that can be as important as food, shelter, and community?

That’s right! It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity! 

That’s why we feel so crappy and stuck when we lose our connection with our purpose.

Action step: Write out on paper exactly how you are feeling, put in every detail, and don't hold back. Use all those descriptive words that might make you cringe.

Affirmation: I acknowledge how I feel and I completely love and support myself. I'm proud that I'm taking the first steps to improve my life now.

Notes: It's important to actually write everything down. Acknowledging where you are right now, and then at some point in the future looking back at how far you've come will give you the confidence boost you need to move forward. So grab a cheap notebook and label it, Mid-Life Magic, and get started!

Tips: On question number 2, never compare yourself to other women. We all have different paths and experiences, so there is no comparison. Always support and build each other up. Believe it or not, we are all in this together.

I hope you are inspired to go through the steps with me.

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Lots of love, T

Tina Stinson

Certified Life Coach, Life purpose Coach, Confidence Coach, Holistic Health Coach, and Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor.



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