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Step 12 - Take Action

Step 12 - Take Action

 This is an important step for any goal you want to reach or solution you want to reach. Don't sit around and wait for things to become great, don't complain if you have a problem with no solution, make one, If you want something, go get it. No one is going to do these things for you. If you want something to happen, take action.

Recognize what is action and what is procrastination. Educating yourself more, preparing to take action is not action.

You’re never going to feel ready to start so you’ll have to just take the leap. That feeling in your stomach may feel like fear but it’s really excitement! 

Taking action before you’re ready I believe helps you reach your goals quicker. 

It kinda goes like this:

Take action, That wasn’t perfect, let me make some changes and shifts and move forward and keep trying.

So you see, you just keep learning and moving forward until you get to where you’re going! 

Action Steps:

  • If a solution is what you need, the first step is to look for it. See if anyone else had the same problem and found something that helped.You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • If you need to create a solution, start by stating what you need, define what a solution would look like, and then investigate what you would need to create it.
  • Make a step-by-step list of actions you need to take to be successful with your solution.
  • When something doesn't work, re-evaluate, change course, and keep moving forward.
  • Share with other people who might need this solution also.
  • If you are stuck, ask for help. (This can be hard but necessary)

Tips: This is also something that is quite simple to write out but difficult to follow through. The point is if you want to change, you need to take action trying different things until you reach your goal. Don't expect to read this guide, agree with the steps, say and think how great it would be, and then take no action.

Take Action Now!!

Affirmation: My life is a reflection of the actions I take. I lead my day with purpose, passion, and powerful action.

Xo, T


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