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Step 11 - Gratitude

This week for Step 11 in the Life Purpose series we will be talking about gratitude and the benefits of having a gratitude practice.

Gratitude is scientifically proven to improve relationships, physical health, psychological health, empathy, and self-esteem. It also can reduce anger.

Let's not forget that like attracts like so it's a great place to get started when you're trying to improve your energy and vibe and the outcome of anything in your life.

When you're starting to make your daily gratitude list or journal you might be thinking, what am I grateful for? Some people struggle at first to come up with things. 

Remember to start small. Think of all those small things that are just so great. Your morning coffee, Your puppy or your cat, the sunrise, someone who made a kind remark to you the other day. These things make a big difference in our lives and it’s important to acknowledge them. 

The more we acknowledge them the more they will show up in our lives!

Action: Every day, pick a time of the day that works best for you. Some people do this when they first wake up, some before bed. Write out at least 5 things you are grateful for that day or the day before. Nothing is too big or small. It's fine to be grateful for your morning coffee!

Tips: It's great to always be grateful for your family but always search for things that happened during that day or the day before that made your life more wonderful.

Affirmation: I am learning to be grateful for what I have while being excited for what has yet to come.


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