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Removing Friction From Your Daily Life To Create Peace & Flow

"Create flow in your life and environment by reducing friction. 


When we eliminate unnecessary obstacles and simplify our surroundings, we can experience more ease and harmony in our daily lives. Whether it's decluttering your space, streamlining your schedule, or simplifying your relationships, take small steps to create more flow and enjoy the benefits of a more peaceful and fulfilling life. “


Today I want to talk with you about all those little and sometimes big things that clog us our energy space and create more stress and anxiety.


As a person who can vert easily become stressed or also be drawn into a state of anxiety, these “little things” actually have some pretty big effects on our lives. Let me share some with you that can have this effect on your life. 


One is our space, For a moment look around you and do a quick audit of your space. Ask Yourself, is it cluttered? Is it filled with the things I love and bring me joy? How does this space make me feel? Do I feel safe and supported in this space or do I just want to leave?


The way the space we spend our time in makes us feel is a big deal. All those little things like the clutter, that broken chair, or that negative person in your life affect your life, your stress, and sometimes your anxiety. 


If you’re like me and you're a highly sensitive person then they have a big effect on the day you have, how much energy you have, and also the patience you have. 


When you can audit your Physical space, your mind-space, and the processes you use daily in your life and make even just a few upgrades by removing frictions you can create more flow, and peace, and sometimes also improve your energy levels. 


I already talked a bit about your physical space but here are some other things to consider.

Who is in your social media space?

Who pops into your inbox?

What kind of media do you consume? (Music, TV, Movies)

Who are the people you spend the most time with?


When looking at these different areas consider how the people you follow, the people that come into your inbox, the media you consume, and the people you spend the most time with consider this, how do they make you feel?


This is the most important question.  if you would consider them energy vampires and you would say they're sucking the life out of you then maybe edit that part of your life a little bit you could unfollow you could stop consuming you could stop spending time with the person whatever you need to do. 


Now when we are talking about your mind-space I would say one of the most beneficial things for this is journaling. 

Getting all those thoughts onto paper and out of your brain and energy system feels good. 

I call this a brain dump or mind dump. I certainly didn’t make this up. I believe it's used by a lot of people and coaches. Because it's effective!


All you do is write everything down that's bothering all the things you wished you could say to “That” person, just everything that's bothering you in that moment that taking up your valuable brain space and sucking your valuable energy.


It does not have to be grammatically correct or even be legible, just free-write until you don’t need to anymore. 


This is a great practice to do before bed. I can help you sleep better and fall asleep faster. 

However, I do suggest that after you do your brain dump before you fall asleep you do a quick positive exercise like maybe thinking about all the things you’re grateful for that day. 


Next, your processes, the way you do things. What is your morning schedule like? How can you make it better, more enjoyable? 

What about your workout routine? How could it be more enjoyable and not something you just get through? 

Remember this about just removing some of the little frictions in these situations. 


For example, I live right next door to my father and one of the parts of my morning routine was to go next door and have breakfast with him and just check in with him every day he's 83 years old and it was just nice to see him in the morning.


What was happening was, I would go over there and he would have the news on blasting because he can't hear well. Well, I don't watch the news at all and I find it very negative and I don't believe there's anything good about it. I also noticed that they just seem to talk about the same things every day over and over again and I don't see the point.


I  did not want to spend my mornings over there being exposed to this extreme negativity that was causing a lot of anxiety in my body.  So I stopped going over there in the mornings and instead dropped in for afternoon coffee when most of the time he was not watching the news at this point. 


This one small change changed the way I started my day I had breakfast at home and I chose to watch something positive like a TED talk or even listen to a podcast and I found that to be a better more positive way to start my day. 


Changing your processes, the way that you do things can make a huge difference even if it's one small little shift like that.  

If you want to make working out easier and more enjoyable maybe do it with a friend. It makes the time go by quicker and it's super valuable to have an accountability partner.


When you take the time in your life to do these audits and look at the way all the things that you surround yourself with affect your energy, and maybe affect your stress levels and anxiety levels. Then make small adjustments to improve these things,  you can create more flow in your life and more peace.  This can help you reduce anxiety, reduce stress and regain some of the energy that was being sucked out of you before.


This week's self-care practice that I'm sharing with you is to do just that: audit all the areas of your life remove some of those little frictions and create more flow.


Let me know what you think of this week's practice.


Remember to always add deep-level self-care into your life daily. I'll see you next week.


Xo, T 


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