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Making Your Dreams A Priority

Many of us go through our daily lives like a hamster on a hamster wheel just going, going, and doing.

We're not paying close attention to the way we're spending our precious time.  

Most of us are so busy that even if we were asked at the end of the day what we spent our time doing we couldn't even answer that.

Today, I want to talk about becoming more intentional with your time, bringing awareness to how you're spending your time so that you could spend more time on the things that you love, with the people you love, and working towards your dreams and goals.

It's about making your dreams and goals your priority.

Now, everybody's going to have different dreams and goals and yours might be to just relax more.  It could be being the best possible mother in the world,  or being one of the most supportive friends. 

It's about asking yourself what your priority in life is, what's important to you, and bringing awareness to that right now and then being intentional with how much time you spend on those important things.

What do I mean by that? I mean spending the majority of your time every day working towards your priorities or should I say working within your priorities.

Another way you can approach us is just look at what you do all day long, pay attention to it, maybe write down for an hour or two what you're spending your time on.  That's your answer right there, that's your priority right now.

You might say, no Tina, it's not. I have to do these things. But we do have the choice to shift. Thats what this blog post is about.

I've been there. Feeling like your body and life have been hijacked and your just a slave to the system. Trapped. 

I'm also here to tell you there is a way out by making small easy shifts over time.

Now if you feel like you need to make some changes or you want to make some changes then you obviously have to change your priorities to get a different result.

I do understand that there are sometimes things that we have to do every single day.  What I'm saying is we need to make a point to start spending time on the things that we love more. This is what life is all about.

We don't get to the end of our lives and say God I wish I sat in front of my computer longer or I wish I scrolled on tiktok longer or I wish I just mindlessly watched TV longer.

If that's your goal I'm going to try not to judge but I'm guessing it's not if you're reading this.

So let's talk about a few ways we can start getting really intentional with our time and start having more fun.


  1.  The first thing is awareness. I want you to look at all the different areas of your life. Your health, your fitness, your home environment, the different types of relationships you have, your career, your money, your spirituality and so on.  Then you’re going to ask yourself,  what are my priorities in these areas? This is a journaling exercise so write it out.

  2.  The next thing you're going to do is look how you spend your time and figure out if you're making any of these things actual things that you wrote out priorities in your life. Meaning, do you spend time working towards these goals and dreams and wants every day?

  3.  Now for most people, we are going to discover that we're spending less than 5% of our time on all these wonderful things. That's just unacceptable and it's also a sign that you need to make some changes. It's about looking at how you spend your time and seeing if any of that time is being spent on the things that you actually love and care about.

  4.  In question number one I asked you what your priorities were in these areas, so now I'm going to say the next step is to start adding things into your daily life to work towards your priorities or to work within your priorities.  You could start this by having a Daily Journal and writing out one small shift you can take daily toward one area of your life. I'm a firm believer in baby steps and I do believe one small shift in one area is a doable thing to add to your daily life.

  5.  The last thing I'm going to say is if you tell me you don't have time for that one baby step I'll say to you then this is not your priority.  If something is important to you you'll make it happen.


So this is your wake-up call so to speak. It's  about bringing awareness to where you're spending your time and then being more intentional with it.


 It's about honoring yourself, your life, and your priorities.


I'm hoping you get to the end of this blog post and you're inspired to refocus or reset the way you're spending your time and to start living your life more intentionally.

  XO T

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