Tap Into The Deep-Level Self-Care & Love You Need

Learn to connect with your core values and apply daily self-care to be able to create ease in your life and reach that next level you!


During Your Self-Care Alignment Session

We will:

  • Take the Self-Care Alignment Assessment.
  • Learn to make our life core value statements.
  • Create your Daily Self-Care Self-Support Practice.



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Benefits of the Session

When you connect on a deep level with yourself you can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety and create flow and ease in your life.
  • When you have clear core values you can reach your goals & dreams and uplevel all areas of your life.
  • When you practice daily self-care, support, and love you increase your self-worth and self-confidence.


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Doing the Self-Care Alignment Session 

Is like your creating a clear GPS setting for your life's purpose

  • You know what's important to you and what you stand for.
  • You have a clear destination for your dreams, desires, and goals.
  • Know your starting point and know the direction of your destination to have greater success getting there and enjoying the journey along the way!
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What's Included With Your Session?

  • One,  90 minute plus Coaching Call ( We go for as long as it takes)
  • 7-Days of Voxer Follow-up. (Voxer is a texting APP I use for coaching)

What customers are saying...

"Tina’s Self-Care Balance Alignment Session was just what I needed! I have been in a weird place not knowing where to start and after just one session with Tina, I now know where I can start to get back on track!"

 Jasmine Smith Foster

"I had the pleasure of speaking with Tina in her Self-Care Balance Alignment session. It's a unique perspective about looking at the various ways on how you perceive different areas of your life. Her tools and suggestions will help me improve with setting up a plan to improve my self-care to serve others and an easy way to track progress. Checking in every so often at a  glance can help you avoid burnout. Her kind words were genuine advice and felt confident with her knowledge."

 Thank you, Tina!

 Stephanie G

"Self Care is an important, and forever daily journey, and many women forget to care for themselves. I'm guilty of that, and only in the last 2 To 3 years of my near fifty on this planet, have I ventured to care for myself, heal from traumas, and release old mindsets that are hindering current life, whether that's emotional, physical, or business. I booked a session with Tina to continue my self-care and shed more of those hindering beliefs, set deep by recurrent trauma. I left our session feeling a lot better, full of hope, and with a new toolset. It's not lost on me that self-care techniques that were suggested a few years back, and I resisted, were again suggested. This time I have set the intention to follow through, do the harder work, because what I have within me to offer others matters, and my limiting beliefs never served me, or those I so desire to support and help. I believe that by using the tools learned in my session, not only will my life change in positive ways, but I'll be able to effect change, joy, hope, and creativity in the lives of those I touch. Thank you, Tina, for your safe haven, and your insights. "

 Anna Marie Ramirez

Meet Tina

Tina is a certified professional Life Coach, Holistic Health Coach, & Culinary Nutrition Educator.

She specializes in soul-aligned deep-level self-care, life purpose coaching, worthiness coaching, and plant-based nutrition.

Tina's priority is to empower all women to learn to master their mindset and health and make self-care and self-love a priority in their life.

When we care for ourselves at a high level the world learns how to treat us and we can also care for others at this high level.

Tina is featured in Thrive Global, A Healthy Career, & The AURA APP.


"Self-Care is how we take our power back"

~Lalah Delia

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