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Life On My Terms Series : What Makes Us Stuck & 3 Mindset Shifts I’m Using To Move Forward Now

There have been many times in my life that I’ve entered that dreaded stuck phase. It usually starts with you not realizing you're stuck, then you start to get frustrated, and me, I get cranky, then I get to the point where I just cry. I sometimes skip past all the phases but most of the time I work through them and it’s because of this one thing. 


The worst thing about fear is that it's the first thing our brain goes towards. I’m pretty sure this is meant to protect us but a lot of the time, we get stuck, frozen in time. We keep going through the motions of our life in the phases I talked about above until we’re so uncomfortable that we have to do something. 

As this is my new series of essays about living life on my terms. I’ve decided that from this point forward I’m going to take drastic steps to keep moving forward. Become more aware when fear gets a hold of me and take a leap forward embracing this fear. 

I actually know as a coach that almost always on the other side of fear and discomfort is something magical. I also know that when something scares me, that is what I precisely need to move toward. It's like an early warning sign of the thing that needs to get done, that thing that will move my life and business forward at warp speed. 

When I first started the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast (Shameless Plug) I was just doing Solo Episodes. I was so scared of interviewing someone, not doing it “right”, and screwing it up somehow. So I stayed in my comfort zone. I knew though that the one thing I needed to do to help grow the podcast was to have guests on. It took me a while but I did it, I did it before I was ready, I did it scared, and you know what. It’s absolutely amazing. The people I get to interview, amazing, the growth, amazing, how easy it was, amazing, how patient everyone was, amazing. 

Mindset Shift One: Start to become aware of your thoughts and when you're standing still because something scares you. That thing that you're scared of, investigate it, and ask yourself, is that thing is something you need to do? Usually, it is. Sometimes it's not, like when I’m afraid to run because there's a bear hanging around town, that's a good reason not to run. Then examine what you're scared of and try to figure out what can help you move forward with a bit more ease. For me, with the podcast example. I learned everything I needed to know about the tech side of having a guest on, I got organized, I did a test run with one of my kids, then I set up my first interview with someone I know. Can you see how I reduced the amount of friction so that the fear was lessened but not gone? After you do this, JUMP! JUMP out of your cozy comfort zone because let me tell you, the other side is so much more fun!

Mindset Shift Two: Realize that no one is zoned into your every move, no one is watching you as closely as you think. They are UBER focused on themselves. I’m telling you, you can fuck everything up so many times and most people will not even notice, not even blink. No one cares as much as you, as much as you care about what you're doing. Everyone else is focused on their own little world. So Break the rules, make mistakes, fuck everything up. This is how we learn, this is how we master something, this is how we get really good at something. 

Mindset Shift Three: I kinda said this in the last paragraph but break all the rules. I bet you don’t even know who made them anyway, right? You see following the rules is never innovative, it doesn’t allow creativity, it doesn't allow your creative genius to come out. It does not allow us to think outside the box. So if you need to learn something, learn the mechanics of it but then tune into yourself and make it your own. Do it your way. Because that's the way you will be the most satisfied, creative, and happy. We need more happiness, right? Also, a lot of the time, you’ll come up with something better and more effective. So be that rebel that's dying to break out of the stuck box your in. Who the heck put you in that box anyway. 

So these are the mindset shifts I’m making every time I feel a little stuck. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling a little stuck right now in my life. I’m not living where I want to live. So it’s time for me to think outside of the box and get unstuck! I will keep you posted hopefully from a different location, maybe many different locations. Who knows, anything is possible, anything goes. The only limitations we have are the ones we set for ourselves.

Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward? Let me know what your first step will be.

Xo, T


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