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I’m giving up my final fuck to give, are you ready to do the same?

This is what goes through my head when I come on any platform to share my message, my work, and what I’ve learned that I know will help women. 

I feel like if I speak from my soul and my truth that it will be too much. It’s a bit too edgy. That you might think I’m too much or maybe going a little too far. 

I feel it might trigger some women because what I believe is so far from society's norm. But as I said in my last blog and I’ll say it again. When did society's norm ever support women? Support women in a way where they can step into their power and be fully themselves without being judged on every level. It just doesn’t. 

This is what holds me back in my business. Holds me back from speaking about what I know to be true.

I know or believe some people, men & women, might think it's too extreme. I believe the opposite. That when women mute themselves to make others comfortable or to reduce friction and confrontation. Thats fucking extreme. Screw that! 

I feel like just as I’m afraid of being judged so are other women. Secretly they feel like me. They want to live life fully as themselves, with no filters. Some do. Most don’t. I'm not fully yet.

Because society says these women are too much, they’re bitchy, confrontational, aggressive, and hysterical (my favorite one). But all they are doing is living fully as themselves speaking their truth. 

To me, this is self-love. Being able to accept yourself as yourself fully and put that into the world without caring about judgment. Without feeling the need to change or fix anything about your personality or physical appearance. Yet most of us don't feel comfortable doing this. We fear the judgment of society, men, and yes, sadly other women. 

Some might label me a feminist for being this way myself and encouraging women to step into their power and purpose fully. I am, why would I not be a feminist? At a time when women's rights are being taken away, WHY WOULD I NOT BE A FEMINIST? This is what we need. 

Let me make it very clear, this doesn’t mean I hate men, this means I think all humans deserve to live free always. Period. That seems normal and reasonable, am I right?

Why would that not be right?

After all, what do you think men would do if the same thing was happening to them? Do you think they would hold back? I think we all know the answer to that question. 

So why would a woman not support her rights, her right to be the person she was meant to be? The right to her joy, her passions, her purpose, her right to love herself and put that version out into the world unmuted. Full on herself!

I know all women feel this way at their core. This is why we “try” to practice self-care. Why we “try” to practice self-love. But the problem is we are doing this after we do everything else. Taking care of all our “shoulds” in our lives. We are shoulding ourselves to death. We are taking care of all the expectations of others. Everything that is placed on us by society that does not support us in any way shape or form. 

So here's what I’m going to be doing instead. 

I thought I ran out of fucks to give in my forties but apparently not. 

This is the final fuck. I’m letting it go. 

Man, it feels good!

I know all women are amazing and powerful exactly as they are. I meet these women in my business, on my podcast, and socially. Every woman is amazing. They do amazing things that I would call, impossible.

Moving forward, I’m going to assume that all women feel the same as me and want to live their life fully as their authentic selves. No matter what age. Whether it's 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. They're ready to give up that last fuck.

I’ll assume we never stop feeling this way and that it's NEVER too late or too early to share this version with the world. 

I’ll assume that all women want to share their purpose just like I want to and they know it's important.

That purpose could be big or small, doesn’t matter. They just know it needs to be shared. 

They know the only rules they need to follow are their own. Because whoever is making up society's rules sucks ass and is not supporting our purpose. 

They know that how they show up today and start is perfect, nothing needs to change but they also support themselves in a way to help them grow and get better. They support and take care of themselves at the highest level. 

They know that when they choose and decide to live this way that others will know it and support it also. 

We teach the world how to treat us by the way we care and support ourselves. It starts with us. 

They know they have, and are everything they need to live this way today. 

I’m going to speak from this view, from this point forward. 

I know that the women who are ready to step into their full-on power and live their life full-on will be with me and doing the same. 

So I’m letting go of the last fuck. 

I’m stepping into my full power and I’m making the promise to support and lead all women who are ready to do the same.  

If you're ready to let go of your last fuck and step into being fully you. Then this is your time and all you need to do is take the first step. You need nothing except yourself. But the authentic you, the real you, the one that you don’t really share with anyone. That's all you need to start. 

If you feel stuck. I get it. I was stuck for a while. Maybe you’ve been stuck for a while and you need something to project you forward, something to light a fire under your ass. You need someone to lead you forward. I’m ready to show you what worked for me. I’m ready to share what took me from my bottom, my deepest darkest self to thriving, to happy, and creating the life I always wanted. 

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting together a group of women and together we will get unstuck and step into our power. Whatever that looks like for you. 

We’ll be starting June to be exact and work together for 12 weeks. We will learn how to reconnect with our true selves, we’ll explore what it means to live in our purpose, and we’ll do this while taking care of ourselves at the deepest level. 

This is what you deserve and nothing less. All women do. 

I truly believe that when more women, all women I hope, step into their power, then in turn, the world will be a better place

When women take care of themselves at the highest level then they end up sharing the best version of themselves into the world. 

What do you think is best for the collective?

A woman who is burnt out, half-assing her way through life, living halfway, muted?


A woman standing in her power and purpose sharing whatever that might be with the world. 

I think the answer is a no-brainer. We all know the collective benefits when women take action and live their purpose. 

If you want this for yourself for your family, or for the collective, then join me in this new group immersion I’m leading called PURPOSE. 


Send all your questions to [email protected]

Or DM me on Instagram  @tinastinsoncoach

Lots of love and care.

Xo, T


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