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Going From Chaos to Calm in Your Life w/Deep Level Self Care

One of the reasons I titled this blog post as it is because of a milestone coming up for me. It has made me really think of what I do for my clients and here on the blog and podcast and this was perfect. I take them from chaos in their life to calm. 

So, what's this new milestone coming up?

Big news! This week I’ll be recording my 100th episode of the Soul Aligned Self Care Podcast!

I can’t believe how fast it went by and how much fun I’ve had. I’m so grateful for all of the really interesting and cool people I've met and the friends I’ve made. It’s been such an amazing time, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Reaching this point made me start to reflect on what the podcast and my business stand for, what I want to accomplish, and what things I want to add and try moving forward. I’ll cover this in a few moments. 

I would like to talk about going from chaos to calm. It really simplifies what I do but, in a nutshell, it’s on point.

The people who need this are stressed, anxious, healing from burnout and overwhelm. I also work with women moving through a transition in their lives like separation, divorce, retirement or career change.

I also work with people that have the tendency to be stressed easily. This person also tends to overwork and sometimes people please. know this because this is me! I do this work for myself everyday.

So how do we embody the calm. How do we go from the chaos and get to a point where we feel good in our bodies and our lives? 

What I learned over the years working with people is that there are 11 practices that are shared here on the blog, the podcast, and in all of the programs in Tina Stinson Wellness that help everyone move through it. From chaos to calm.

They are transformative in so many ways. So, I would say to be able to focus on these deep level self-care practices that help you reset your mind, body and soul helps you transform your life. 

Once you master these things you improve yourself worth and confidence, improve relationships, your health and energy levels, you begin to have success and thrive. So, I thought I would run through the 11 practices quickly.


  1. Being self-aware, knowing your starting point. To be able to get from point A to B you have to have a starting point and a fix on where you want to be. We cover this too!
  2. A deep Decluttering. Declutter the mind, your space and not just the physical, and your processes, so important!
  3. Setting & maintaining boundaries. The foundation of deep level self care
  4. Reframing, this is mainly mindset work gaining new perspectives on your life and the events your experience. 
  5. Clean Eating, ugh, I hate this term. It’s been so overused. This is about eating real food so you can fuel and heal your body and increase energy. 
  6. Mastering your tough emotions so you can respond to life and not constantly react.
  7. Learning to trust yourself and connect to your intuition and use it. 
  8. Raising your vibration. This is not about always being positive but more about changing your mindset about emotions and being able to not let outside events and people control how you feel. 
  9. Self-love and knowing your worth. 
  10. Embracing gratitude.
  11. Forgiveness of self and others. 


(Soul Aligned Self Care Intensive is where I walk you through all of these deep level self-care practices and offer monthly coaching…ongoing for the life of the program!) Check it out here>> https://www.tinastinson.com/aligned-worthy-ps

This is what I share to make your life go from chaos to calm and what I will continue to share most likely for the rest of my life. 

So how do you know that you need to work on these things? 

I would say most of us do on some level which is a normal response to the world we live in right now, but it’s when you feel overstressed, overwhelmed with life, and have a lot of anxiety. 

Some people also experience unreasonable amounts of anger, and some choose to isolate themselves. 

Some may just be in a complete state of burnout and experience all of the above.

This is when you know you need not just the surface level self care like the bubble bath and getting your nails done but you need the deeper stuff. These 11 practices I shared with you above. 

Getting back to what I stand for. 

I want all women to know that putting themselves first is not selfish but helps them step into the best version of themselves. They then get to share this with their kids, partner, and the world. 

This is so much better than going into every new day with overwhelming stress and being so tired you can’t even sleep. Been there.

I also want everyone to know they are worthy of everything they want for themselves exactly as they are right now. They don’t need to pay a price or do anything. They are just worthy because they are here. We are all enough as we are. 

We get told the opposite by society, media, pretty much everyone. But this is the big lie that keeps us all in fear instead of love. 

Moving forward I will continue to do this work with people.

All of these will continue and expand, and I hope you continue the journey with me.

As for the podcast:

  • There will be more guests on healing modalities like earthing, forest bathing, meditation, yoga, and body health, etc.
  • I will also cover some things like, universal laws, human design, cycle planning and moon planning as they pertain to our wellness. 
  • For sure there will be more masterclasses!

There will be a free one coming up soon, in April of 2024, "Reset & Thrive: Free Masterclass for Women Ready to Transform Stress into Self-Care Bliss"

I’ll announce it here so you will be the first to know and I would love to have you join me!

Tomorrow I will record my 100th episode talking more about all of these things and I hope you join me. It will be released Wednesday. 

If you haven’t checked it out yet, then what are you waiting for. 

Head over here: Soul Aligned Self Care (tinastinson.com)

This is where I share all of these practices with you and the world. 

While you’re there, be sure to follow and leave a review. This helps expose this work to more of the world. 

Thanks for joining me here and being with me through all the years.

Xo T


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