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These are some of my top-rated meditations I use them for myself, and they are amazing to support your daily self-care.

  • Morning Grounding & Self Love
  • Clear & Protect Your Energy
  • Higher Self Meditation

The purpose of these meditations is meant to support you when you start your day, as you move through your day during all the ups and downs we all experience, and to encourage and empower you to step into your higher self.


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Morning Grounding & Self Love Meditation

Greet the morning with tranquility and love through my "Morning Grounding and Self-Love" meditation. This brief yet impactful session is designed to anchor you in the present moment and nurture a sense of deep self-love. 

In just a few minutes, we'll cultivate a peaceful space within, fostering a foundation of calmness that will accompany you throughout the day. Join me in this gentle practice to start your day grounded and enveloped in self-love. 


Clear & Protect Your Energy

Join me for the Clear & Protect Your Energy meditation, a gentle yet profound practice to cleanse and fortify your energy space for the day ahead. 

In these precious moments, we'll navigate through a serene journey designed to release any lingering heaviness and create a shield of protection around your energy. Let the soothing guidance bring harmony to your being and establish a sacred space within, ensuring you move through the day with clarity and resilience. 


Higher Self Meditation

Embark on a sacred journey within through my "Higher Self meditation ‚Äď a transformative experience to align your energy with the radiant wisdom of your highest self.¬†

In these moments of introspection, you will forge a deep connection with your higher self, bathing in the reassuring embrace of its loving energy. Feel supported and guided as you step into your day, embodying the beautiful essence of your highest version. 

This meditation serves as a beacon, illuminating your path with clarity and resilience. Let the harmonious energy of your higher self-accompany you throughout the day, providing a sense of strength and serenity. 



The Benefits of Adding Meditation to Your Daily Life

Hey there, friend!¬† Let's chat about something pretty amazing ‚Äď meditation. It's like a little love note to yourself, seriously.

  1. Stress Relief: Imagine finding a quiet spot, taking a few deep breaths, and letting go of the day's stress. Meditation's got your back.

  2. Clarity Boost: Ever feel like life's a bit of a whirlwind? Meditation helps clear the fog, giving your mind some breathing room and sharpening focus.

  3. Emotional Anchor: Life can get a bit heavy, right? Meditation's like a comforting friend, offering solace and a sense of inner peace when you need it most.

  4. Sweet Dreams: If sleep feels elusive, meditation can be the secret ingredient for a more restful night. It's like a gentle lullaby for the soul.

  5. Soulful Connection: Think of it as a heart-to-heart with yourself. Meditation brings you closer to your own thoughts, feelings, and a deeper understanding of you.

So, friend, consider this an invitation to explore the magic of meditation. Your well-being deserves a little extra TLC.

Xo T

Hi, I'm Tina

My health and wellness journey started over 10 years ago when I had a stroke caused by stress. 

Since then it has been my mission to help others be able to reduce stress anxiety, and burnout with deep-level self-care practices. 

Tina Stinson Wellness, Soul Aligned Self Care, & Soul Aligned Infusions is my expression of this mission. 

I hope you join me in these practices and lifestyle. 

Xo, T