Fiber Is The New Black, Why You Need Fiber in Your Diet Now!

fiber healthy diet Oct 22, 2019

Why is fiber important if you're trying to lose weight?


  • When fiber is in your digestive tract it actually absorbs other molecules like carbs, fats, and sugars along with all there calories stopping them from making a home on your butt!


  • Fiber also adds bulk to foods helping you feel fuller without the added calories.


  • Fiber-rich foods take longer to digest which helps you feel fuller longer. Helping you eat less throughout the day.


Why is fiber important to our health?


  • Fiber protects against heart disease by helping lower cholesterol.


  • Fiber decreases the risk of diabetes by helping with weight-loss/control, and by controlling blood sugars during the day.


  • Fiber decreases the risk of breast cancer by lowering blood estrogen levels.


  • Fiber reduces blood pressure by reducing insulin resistance and inhibiting weight gain, two hypertension risk factors.


  • Fiber protects against colon cancer. High fiber diets reduce the risk of colon cancer by 40


  • Fiber helps alleviate constipation.


How much fiber do we need?


  • The American Dietetic Association recommends 20-25 grams for the general public and 30-40 grams for people with cholesterol levels above 20. The National academy of science found that 90 percent of Americans do not get the recommended daily intake of fiber.


While I don't have high cholesterol, I eat a mostly plant-based diet with at least 30-40 grams of fiber. It might sound like a lot but it is easier then you think.


Why the heck am I pushing fiber on you?

Well, Its obviously the answer to all of your problems, or at least some.


Really the answer is, I'm learning how to serve my clients better when it long term health and adding enough fiber from whole food plant sources helps us thrive forward toward a healthy balanced lifestyle!


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I'm very excited about this membership and I'm putting every ounce of my passion into the creation. It's very important for me to be able to help as many people as I can.


Some High Fiber Plant Foods To Add To Your Diet


  • Avocados – 10 grams per 1 cup

  • Artichokes – 10.3 grams per 1 artichoke

  • Lentils – 15.6 grams per 1 cup

  • Chickpeas – 12.5 grams per 1 cup

  • Oats – 16.5 grams per 1 cup

  • Almonds – 3.4 grams per 1 ounce

  • Chia seeds – 10.6 grams per 1 ounce


Most veggies contain a good amount of fiber so start adding some of these foods into your daily meals. Start slow and ease into it otherwise you might experience some discomfort with gas.

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