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Every Choice Leads You Down A New Path, How To Be More Intentional With Your Choices

I think it’s so mind-blowing to think about how many decisions we make in a day and how each decision we make leads us down a different path. 

It’s crazy how much control we can have over our life experiences when we start to focus on being really intentional with the way we spend our time and taking the time to make the choices that are aligned with our true selves and our true path. When we learn how to respond to life instead of continuously reacting we can start to take control. 

I always think of the Katy Perry song where she talks about your life being like a plastic bag in the wind being tossed around not knowing what life will bring you next. 

While this can be true about what comes into our lives, I don’t believe it's true about the outcomes we create with those experiences that come toward us. As I said earlier, we have complete control over how we respond to our life situations so we then have control over how we want to experience them. 

I know this thought process might annoy some people. They might get upset with me and say, I had no control over a somewhat bad experience they have had. I agree, that's the plastic bag in the wind part. But how we respond, that's the key part. This can change everything. Being very intentional with this takes time, patience, and some control and work. But it’s well worth it to have a better experience in your life even if you're being dished out a big pile of shit right now. 

So how do we get more intentional with our choices? Here are a few ways I do this very day. 


Slow Down. Taking time to tune into yourself. Sit in stillness helps you respond instead of react. Let’s say you have a difficult decision to make. Instead of reacting in fear or anger. Take some time by yourself to think about it. Think of the pros and cons. Meditate or journal out how you're feeling and then make a decision on how to respond. 

Also, when you take time daily to tune into yourself and meditate or journal even when you don’t have a decision to make you’re more likely to get to know yourself better and be in a better state of mind overall. This can help you speed up the process. 

What if you’re getting pressure to respond quicker? Well, you make the rules of your life. If someone needs an answer pronto you can say. I’ll respond as quickly as possible. This is an important decision for me. Right now, I need to take a step back and give this the time and thought it deserves. I’ll get back to you when I feel I’ve made a decision. Thats it. You're allowed to take your time!

Tune Everything Else Out. It’s your life so it’s your decision. I’m quite aware that with our family and partners that we are closely connected with we do want to take them into consideration. 

But before you go putting everyone else first at the very least, take your feelings into consideration with the following:

  • Remove Family and Societal Expectations
  • Remember, Your Life, Your Choice, Your Dreams
  • Dont act from circumstance, act from possibility
  • Don’t worry about the how, think about the what
  • Keep it as positive as possible


Know Your Values. Always know your core values in life. What do you want to experience in all areas of your life? Your health, career, relationships, spirituality, adventure, self-development. Know what you want. You cannot get to where you want to be if you don’t know where that is. I suggest that you sit down and write out your core values in all the different areas of your life. I do this at least every year. This way you can take a look at the way you spend your time in your daily life and see if it reflects those values and if it doesn’t, you have some adjustments to make so it does. How does this come into play when making decisions? Well when you know what you want and whats important to you in life. It’s easier to make aligned decisions. You respond instead of react. 

After I’m done writing this blog I have to decide whatI want to do next?? I can chack in with my clients and share this blog, I can sit on my ass and scroll tiktok, or I can go out in my garden and check out of life for a bit. What shall I choose and what kind of ripple effect will it have on my life and the life of others? Well since one of my core values is to always help people, I’ll most likely share this with my clients. That is what feels aligned right now. 

What decisions will you make today and how will you take control of your outcomes and your life experience? 

Whatever you do, make sure to have fun and make it good!

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Xo, T

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