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Deep Level Self Care Series: Creating Flow In Your Life with Decluttering

Deep Level Self Care Series: Declutter Your Space To Create Flow


Some of you might think that I’m nuts talking about decluttering around the holidays but hear me out. I have a little bit of a different approach than others when it comes to decluttering space. 


First, it’s not just physical space, I’ll explain in a second.


Secondly, I love the saying,  baby steps lead to big changes.


Before I get into this practice, let me explain what you can expect from any type of decluttering. 


When we declutter, we create space and flow in a space. This helps us reduce stress and anxiety and changes the energy of the space to more of a positive which then raises your energy. When we create this space, we also make room for new things in our life. 

So if you’re looking to manifest something into your life think about where you need to create space for that thing or situation. 


I’m going to start with the baby steps. I love decluttering super-small spaces. This does not take a lot of time and the results can be quite instantaneous. This can help create the motivation and momentum to keep moving forward with decluttering. It feels fantastic and the overall energy you need to put into it is NOT overwhelming. When we think of decluttering the whole house, for me, my whole body contracts and says “NO”. But when I say to myself,” I think I’ll declutter my wallet and purse.” That sounds simple, and it's something you can do in 30 minutes. That's more like it right?


Another part of decluttering that I do differently is now that I created this space and flow, let me bring in something that I love that makes me and the space feel, loved, special, and beautiful. You’re up-leveling the space. Making it feel even better. Now we don’t want to add back in too much. Just a little something. 


As an example, If I declutter my wallet and purse, and I also want to bring in more abundance in my life. I might remove old receipts, wrappers, old shopping lists, and anything that is not needed. I would organize any cash, loose change, and check for expired credit, debit, and gift cards.

Once you have this space flowing you can then add in a beautiful change purse, a new wallet, some small crystals for abundance and protection, or anything that says abundance to you. 


This is fun and as I said earlier, it uplevels your experience and in turn, if you do this in other areas, it uplevels those areas as well. All these small baby steps here and there can make some pretty substantial changes in the energy of the spaces where you spend your time. 


Some other small spaces you can declutter are:

  • Junk drawer.
  • One drawer in your dresser.
  • Your center console in your car.
  • Glove compartment.
  • Medicine cabinet.
  • And so many more..


I think you get the idea. Decluttering can be so powerful when you use it in a fun and relaxing way.


Now let’s get to the comment I made earlier. It’s not just physical space. 

When I say this I’m talking about things like your email list, unsubscribe from things that no longer serve you or that you have outgrown. Clean out the contacts in your phone, let’s not even talk about all the groups I’m in on Facebook! 


There are also some weird things you can declutter that we don't think about. For example, when I unfollowed all of my X’s relatives on social media, I cannot tell you how good that felt, amazing. It’s not that I dislike all of them…maybe a few, lol. It’s more about me moving on and out of that awkward energy that was draining me without even realizing it. Following an X on social media, that's a hard no and we all need to opt out of this energy vampire behavior. Declutter all of it. Take charge of the management of your own energy! You would be surprised how much these things affect you.


I think using these types of tools is so much fun. Also, I can’t tell you how much better you will feel, and how energized you can be again. 


Now it’s your turn, pick one thing, something small, and declutter it. Add some beauty and comfort back in, and then let me know how great you feel after. Next step? As usual, just keep moving forward. 


I love sharing the Deep Level Self Care Series with you each week and I hope it’s been beneficial for you as well. 


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Until next week, Lots of love and care.


Xo, T


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