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5 Things to leave behind as we move into a new year

Happy Monday!

For this next week, I'll be talking bout 5 things I plan on leaving behind so that I can have an epic year in 2022.

I'll be covering one thing each day I might at some point do a live about it on Instagram. As long as I get my somewhat normal voice back. 

I've had a bit of a cold and have trouble talking without coughing.

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 So let's get started.

The first thing I plan on leaving behind as this year comes to an end is judgment. 

Judgment of myself and also, the judgment of other people.

Yes, even people I feel I can judge. Which is basically just my opinion.

You see the one thing I've noticed is that the people of this country and even the world are completely divided right now. 

The more I look at this situation the more silly it seems. 

I truly believe as humans we all want the same things, to be happy, to take care of our families without extreme sacrifice, peace, love, and can we just enjoy our lives. 

Someone may have a way different opinion than me, I mean way different. But we all get to these opinions from different circumstances in our lives and we don't know what the other person's journey is. 

If you think someone is being a royal asshole just realize they are most likely in some kind of protection mode. They've been hurt.

Everyone responds differently to pain and frustration. 

Have compassion and send some love to them because it's highly likely they need it just like you and me.

This is so freaking hard to do but I've come to the conclusion it's a better solution than being divided and feeling shitty all the time.

I don't know about you but I'm done feeling shitty and scared. I'm CHOOSING to change my perspective and focus on better more productive things.

I think we as a whole could shift a whole lot if we just stopped all the negativity.

So give this a try, before you make that negative comment, just think about it first and ask yourself, what good will this do and how can I do something better.

Don't worry about the other person and what they're doing. That's none of your business or responsibility. 

You are only responsible for your own thoughts and actions.

Make them awesome!

I also decided to stop judging myself and talking to myself in a negative manner. 

I've been getting much better at this. I realized that we teach people how to treat us.

So I decided I'm going to treat myself in the best possible way I can. To the highest standard. 

Because if I can't do this for myself then how can I expect anyone else to do this for me? 

So going into 2022 I'm stopping the judgment of others, yes, even the assholes:) And myself, even when I'm an asshole.

I hope you can join me by doing this simple step to make the world not just bearable but also quite wonderful.

Xo, T

P.S. More coming tomorrow!



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