3 Reasons You Should Use a Vision Board to Put Power Behind Your Goals

Why You Should Use a Vision Board to Put Power Behind Your Goals


I absolutely love vision boards! I make one every year and I find it not just fun but also a creative and powerful practice.

I love looking at it every day and being able to visualize each goal and feel the positive feelings that come with the journey to reaching each one of them. This is why I do this every year and sometimes even more than once a year. Because it works. It adds that extra boost, and focus you need to keep moving forward even when things might get hard.


I want to go over a few reasons why this works, it's not magic, although it feels that way. It's just a fun way to make things happen so it doesn't feel like work:)


  1. Creating a vision board makes you commit to specific goals – In order to create the creative masterpiece that you will use to inspire you to take action you have to really be specific about the goals and find creative ways to convey them on paper or digitally. You'll spend a bunch of time finding one or a couple of pictures to represent each goal. This focus will instantly start the process of your brain looking for ways to achieve this goal. Every time you look at your vision board you'll come back to the creation process and be reminded specifically of why this goal is important.

  2. A vision board creates an emotional connection - When you creating a vision board and find pictures and quotes that represent the goal it will create an emotional connection. Feeling the way you will feel when you reach a goal will create warp speed toward success!

  3. A vision board will help you visualize your goals easier – I don't know about you, but I sometimes have trouble visualizing things. When someone tells me to try to do this I start, but then my mind wanders, and before you know it I'm thinking about my food store visit and stuff I need to get done. All you have to do is find a great picture and quote to strongly represent your goal and it sort of gives you training wheels to start the whole visualization process.

  4. Extra Credit – When I create a vision board I have a process. From setting the goals, stating why their important, and coming up with a power statement or affirmation on how I want to feel when I have success. I put strong intention behind the vision board and make it as powerful as possible!


I really hope you take the next steps on creating a vision board for yourself. It's a really fun, super powerful way to set and achieve goals!


For many years I've been talking about making a Vision Board Workshop.


This year I finally did it!! I give you the worksheets I use with video tutorials on how to use them and also teach you how to do a virtual vision board and a physical vision board.


You will have lifetime access so you can redo the program year after year or whenever you want!!

I had so much fun creating this workshop and I feel honored to share my system with you that has worked for me for years! and learned that doing the virtual vision board was just as fun...and I printed mine out...So exciting:)


Want to check out what's on the inside and how you can get your hands on it?


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