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3 Simple Reasons A Plant-Based Diet Could Help With Weight-Loss

When I first decided to try a plant-based/vegan diet I did lose weight, about 8 lbs. I wasn't trying to lose weight but when you start eating plant-based whole foods you end up adding in tons of healthy foods which end up crowding out the bad stuff!  Here are a few of the reasons you might lose weight.

1. If you decided to try a Plant-Based diet for health reasons then you will be eating a lot of whole foods which include low-calorie fruits, veggies. Whole foods have lots of fiber and are nutrient-dense. This will keep you full longer.

2. You're not eating a lot of animal-based foods like meat, cheese, and dairy. Most of them have high calories saturated fats and are not usually full of all the great nutrients that fruits, veggies, and whole foods have.

Also, when your eating plant-based whole food you automatically cut out processed foods loaded with sugar, heavy amounts of salt, and unhealthy fats, all of which add to weight gain.

3. When your body is getting an abundance...

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