3 Simple Reasons A Plant-Based Diet Could Help With Weight-Loss

When I first decided to try a vegan diet I did lose weight, about 8 lbs. Here are a few of the reasons you might lose weight.

1. If you decided to try a Plant-Based diet for health reasons then you will be eating a lot of low-calorie fruits, veggies, and whole foods that have lots of fiber and are nutrient dense. This will keep you full longer.

2. You're not eating a lot of animal-based foods like meat, cheese, and dairy. Most of which have high calories saturated fats, and are not usually full of all the great nutrients that fruits, veggies, and whole foods have.

3. When your body is getting an abundance of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants then your body is less likely to have cravings!

This is really dependent on you eating plant-based whole-foods. There is vegan junk food too. So if you would like the benefit of weight-loss, then stick to the whole foods!

I don't believe there is a magic diet that will work for everyone. I think no matter what kind of diet you eat you need to follow the same few principles. No processed food, no added sugar, don't eat too much. Sounds simple and it is. I think what makes it difficult is as consumers we are surrounded by the opposite of this and we are bombarded with commercials advertising all kind of things that just aren't good for our bodies. So put your blindfold on and remember my favorite quote " Eat real whole food, mostly plants, not too much" by Michael Pollen. There you go the secret to health and wellness right there!

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