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Juggling Passions and Responsibilities: A Clear Approach to Success

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately Juggling Passions and Responsibilities, because it comes up so often in my own life. I have been learning all about human design because we are reading a human design book in the Soul Aligned Self Care Insider group and I’m a Generator with a sacral authority. 

To learn more about Human Design, visit my good friends podcast, The Human Design Hive, HERE

The way I’m supposed to make decisions is to follow my gut. It’s either a hell yes, or a solid no. So, I’ve been trying to live by this in the way I work in my business and life. It’s been very interesting because some of the things I get a strong no on are things that I’m responsible for.

My gut is telling me no, but I need to get this done so I want to share how I’ve been navigating this issue. 

As an example, I love my podcast, Soul Aligned Self Care, I love recording it, I love having guests on, but I hate doing the show notes. HATE it! 

So, what does one do when you have a passion that you love and want to keep going but there are parts of it you hate?

I decided to use the process I use for setting boundaries, the 3 D’s, to figure out how to handle this. 

First, I’m not going to stop podcasting, I love it, and it’s a hell yes for me. 

Using the 3 D’s, which the D’s stand for, Ditch Delegate or Do, I look at all the tasks involved with the podcast and ask whether I can ditch, delegate or do I have to do them. 

The hard no for me was the show notes. Can I ditch it? No. Can I delegate it? Yes. Do I have to do it myself? No. 

My final decision was to delegate it partially and make it easier for myself. 

Every week I write a blog post on the same topic as the podcast and so I use the blog post to write the show notes. I use AI to take the blog post and shorten it into show notes and it works pretty great. The only time I have to write the show notes is when I have a guest on, so it works out pretty well. 

I am writing all my own stuff, and I don’t really want to hire someone to do this, so it feels like the perfect solution. 

I get to still do what I’m passionate about while still honoring the way my body feels. Following my passion but still getting the stuff done that my body says no too. 

I feel like the more we check in with ourselves and honor what we love and then also the things that we don’t and then find solutions for the things we really don’t want to do in our lives, then the more we reduce stress and friction from our everyday lives. 

You can have it all! Follow your passions and remove or delegate the things you don’t like doing. You’re taking care of your responsibilities. 

Now, I’m not saying you’ll never have to do anything unpleasant again, but by acknowledging how you feel and creating a solution for the things that cause friction. You’re adding more happiness into your life. 

You’re clearing out the junk and making room for the things you love, the happiness.

One of the best ways you can do this is by using the Take 5 Method. If you want to give it a try, head over HERE and watch the recording I made for you. (It’s a quick one).

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Xo, T


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