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New Blog Series: Life On My Terms, How I’m Deciding It Gets To Work, Just Eat The Ice Cream

In a world with so many what-ifs I've decided to be sure about how I will live my life and today I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. 

Starting with, just eat the ice cream and enjoy it. Stop saving everything for later or when. Use the good china, the good perfume, make-up, that awesome outfit, the nice shoes. Stop saving it for a special occasion, enjoy it now. Treat yourself the way you treat your house guests, do this every day! Take the day off, take the vacation, even if it’s alone, do it now, and stop waiting for someone else. Spend some money on yourself, give compliments, say I love you, ask them out, tell them you admire them, and don’t tolerate bullshit or bad behavior. Stop making excuses for others' bad behavior, and stop apologizing for your existence, you’re allowed to take up space, learn that thing you always wanted to learn, and you’re never too old or young. Fuck society's expectations, fuck the patriarchy, you’re...

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