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Overcoming Fears - 3 Tips On Dealing With Stagefright

You know that nervous feeling when you're about to speak in public, do a FB live, or even speaking at a board meeting. 

Nervous, sweaty palms, sweaty everything!

Why is it that this one thing is so unnerving to a majority of the public?

The answer is, it’s a very important basic human need. The need to belong. Be accepted and loved by our friends, family, community, and our peers. As I said, it’s a basic human need so right up there with food and shelter.

So cut yourself some slack and use some of these tips to help you deal with the stress and consider that that nervous feeling is just a bit of excitement.

Like I always say, there is always magical stuff on the other side of discomfort.


Here are some tips:


  • Preparation. This one helps me tons! Make sure whatever you’re going to be speaking about that you have all the information you need. Also, make an outline with the talking points you will cover to stay on track.
  • Practice. Before I do a FB live, I always have an outline and I read it through, decide how I will move forward, and if needed I practice. I find the best way is to record yourself. Then watch and see if you want to make changes. If you’re short on time just do a run-through in the mirror.
  • Exposure. Have a big speaking engagement coming up? You’re really nervous? Do all the things above and then after that try a little exposure. Do the talk for a family member or spouse. Then up the game and test it out for a bunch of friends. Ask for feedback and then improve on the things needed. Keep doing this until you’re well-practiced and feel comfortable doing the talk.


I used to be terrified of going on Facebook to do a live. I got to this point where I knew if I wanted to connect with people that I needed to start doing this. So I just did it! I jumped in all imperfectly and I discovered that the more I do this, the easier it gets and the more comfortable I am!


Use the above tips and if you need a supportive audience, I’m here to support you! Shoot me an email and I’ll be there to listen.


Xo, Tina Marie


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Can’t wait to see you there!



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