mindset self improvement Jan 02, 2021
Do You Believe You Set Your Own Limitations?
Whatever your personal limitations are.
Whether it's your age, your money situation, where you live, the state of the economy, or health.
Do you believe you have control over these limitations or do you believe you're a victim of them?
Some of you might get angry about this comment but you do have control.
The truth is that we set our own limitations. If we believe that limitation to be true then it will be. If however, we can look at the limitation we perceive to be there and find a way to disprove it, create a new belief, and live by that new belief, we can create better life circumstances for ourselves.
The first step is to accept that you absolutely created the reality you live in now.
The most exciting thing is, you can change that reality to reflect something much better.
It's the Open Jar Concept.
If you put a bunch of fleas in a jar that is 5 inches tall and put a lid on that jar the fleas will be trained, over a certain amount of time, that they cannot jump higher than 5 inches. If you take the lid off the jar, they will not jump out.
My question to you today is, where is your limitation set at, who set it for you? Was it society, a parent, a sibling, a boss, or a significant other? While some of these people may mean well and be trying to protect you you now need to see past these things, break free, and grow.
Growth and learning should always be a constant in your life...always! At no point do you learn enough and that's that. It is human nature to want to learn.
I'm amazed at how much emphasis is put on a college education. Something that is done for 2-4 years when we are very young, and I know for a fact most people do it in a drunken stupor. I'm not saying the experience is not valuable or needed in some careers. I just think instead of asking where did you go to college and what is your degree, that you also ask and value what are you doing now to continue learning and better yourself?
A challenge for you today is to find your limitation or what you view as a limitation, find someone who is disproving that limitation, and start to train your brain to create a new one.
Say as a woman you think you're too old to start something new and great in your life.
Find a woman or many women who have done this and by the way, there are so many and read about all these accomplished women.
Write out a new belief about being a woman and doing great things at any point in your life as an affirmation. Write how it would feel to NOT have this limitation.
MOST IMPORTANTLY – Every time this old belief creeps into your consciousness, thank it for trying to protect you, speak your new belief/affirmation, and move forward as if you are living in that belief. It may feel uncomfortable at first but it will soon come to you naturally.
By the way, this is a constant practice, like brushing your teeth, you must always be paying attention to your thoughts and reaffirming new and positive thoughts to make the changes in your reality that you wish to see.
This is not hard or unpleasant to do either. It's fun to imagine a life without these dreaded limitations, are you ready to start living on purpose?
Xo, T

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